AT&T has announced the upcoming availability of a pair of new Mobile Share plans. These plans include an option to get 300MB or 2GB of data per month. These plans will be available beginning on July 26th and will arrived priced at $20 for the 300MB plan and $50 for the 2GB plan.

In addition to the $20 per month for the 300MB option, all smartphone add-ons will be $50 per. AT&T has also said the 300MB plan will mean customers with a basic or quick-messaging style device will be able to share unlimited talk and text for as little as $50 per month. Shifting over to the plan that will likely be of more interest to the smartphone users and we have the 2GB option.

AT&T has said this will be “another choice for customers whose data needs exceed our existing 1 GB plan available today.” Basically, this 2GB option arrives for those who need more than 1GB, but don’t want to pay for 4GB. The 2GB Mobile Share plan also includes unlimited talk and text.

The add-on price for smartphones under the 2GB plan is $45 per, which is the same price as the 1GB plan. Just for comparison, the 1GB plan is $40 per month. Looking up, the 4GB Mobile Share plan is $70 per month. The add-on price per smartphone does drop from $45 down to $40 with the 4GB Mobile Share option.

Aside from these few lower level plans, the Mobile Share options then climb from 6GB to 10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB and top out at 50GB. Of course, the higher you go the more you will be paying — that 50GB option is $500 per month.