Verizon ignoring opt-out preferences of customers

A couple of days ago, we shared with you that Verizon Customer Experience options are tracking your data. Now we have an update that is still something you probably don’t want happening: the network is said to be overriding the opt-out option. Verizon seems to be still pushing to gather one’s browsing history. A source is saying Verizon has renamed the scanning program. The company is also believed to be enrolling back the customers who opted out of it previously.

The “Verizon Selects” program has been renamed to Verizon Custom Experience Plus. It’s enrolling customers automatically to a feature that scans browser histories. Apparently, it happens even if you have previously opted out.

Old opt-out preferences are being ignored. You need to opt-out again. Some customers are on Custom Experience where their app and browser history is being collected. Meanwhile, the Custom Experience Plus collect the same history plus other personal details and device location data.

Verizon has been clear it doesn’t sell the data gathered in either Experience program. Data are only shared with the network’s service providers. There’s a difference between selling and sharing and Verizon only “shares”.

According to Verizon, it’s doing this to “personalize our communications with you, give you more relevant product and service recommendations, and develop plans, services, and offers that are more appealing to you. For example, if we think you like music, we could present you with a Verizon offer that includes music content or provide you with a choice related to a concert in our Verizon Up reward program.”

So there is an explanation. We’re not sure if it’s satisfying enough for most customers. What do you think?


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