Verizon Privacy Custome Experience Plus

If you are a Verizon subscriber, you may want to pause and check your Verizon app right now. There have been reports that the My Verizon app may be collecting some of your important details. Information like apps, location, history, and contacts are believed to be being collected. That is not exactly unusual but it is said to be on by default. By that we mean the company has automatically opted customers into such setting. If you have encountered Verizon Custom Experience within the privacy settings, that is actually it.

Verizon Custom Experience is mainly a program that offers two options: Custom Experience and Custom Experience Plus. The privacy options vary. Don’t worry if you haven’t checked this part. You can do so and see what additional information Verizon have provided.

Check the settings with the mobile app. There is also an FAQ on the website to know more about the subject. Basically, the Custom Experience settings can help the carrier personalize how it communicates with you.

Both options have the intention to provide customers “more relevant product and service recommendations”. What the Custom Experience does is check the apps you use and websites you visit. They get those information to use on your smartphone.

The Custom Experience Plus is basically the same. It offers a similar purpose. It helps the network deliver a more personalized mobile experience. It doesn’t just check the websites or apps you use, it also checks your device location, the numbers you call, and more.

It appears Verizon is tracking your every move. Well, most mobile devices do that but you can opt out or will be asked to opt in. You can always choose to be more private. Verizon says a customer “must opt in to participate and you can change your choice at any time”. There is a way out but really, it doesn’t seem there is an option to opt-in ourselves. Both options are toggled on already.

This means the phone’s default is the feature is already enabled. You may want to check your settings and opt-out of the Custom Experience on the My Verizon app if you don’t want your information being checked. The information collected by Verizon can still be deleted. Just go to Custom Experience Settings> Reset.


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