A yet to be seen HTC smartphone has recently been spotted in the WiFi certification. This certification filing is showing an HTC device with a model number of PN073XX and as such, it has brought back chatter of a Verizon Wireless branded HTC One. The details from the certification are on the lighter side, however this model number does seem to fit in with the model number from another carrier branded One.

In this case, the AT&T One is sporting a model number of PN07120. Further details coming from Blog of Mobile show the PN073XX model number as corresponding with the code name of M7_WLV. The remaining details from the certification filing show the handset as having LTE connectivity along with dual-band WiFi.

Basically, while this all seems to be coming together, we do have to mention these are early details that are mostly based on speculation. That said, Blog of Mobile has shown a proven track record in the past. Otherwise, the Verizon Wireless HTC One was being discussed earlier in the week when Verizon began offering the Droid DNA for free.

The points that connect the HTC One and the Droid DNA as as follows; HTC has said the Droid DNA is the current “HTC hero smartphone with Verizon” and also made mention that they would make a “big deal” when they announce their next Verizon smartphone. We haven’t heard anything from HTC or Verizon in the time since, however that free Droid DNA offer expires on May 21st.

This brings the next point. Verizon has previously announced an event that will take place during CTIA 2013. The date of that event — May 22nd, which is also known as the day after the free Droid DNA offer ends. Again, this all involves a bit of speculation, however that could lead one to believe the Droid DNA offer is the Verizon way of clearing inventory ahead of a One announcement.

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SOURCE: Blog of Mobile