Verizon has previously said the HTC One max would be available sometime “this holiday season.” That announcement came back in mid-October and by way of Twitter and while there is plenty of unknowns in terms of the launch, the chatter had gone quiet. Simply put, despite the fact a month has past, Big Red has yet to follow up with any additional details for the release.

That being said, while Verizon hasn’t offered any price details, it appears as if they have accidentally revealed them. Verizon unveiled a new store at the Mall of America yesterday and while the One max wasn’t on display, one of the interactive touchscreen displays did highlight the phone. This was spotted by HTC Source and assuming this doesn’t change, Verizon will have the HTC One max priced at $299.99.

That is the two-year agreement pricing and otherwise, those looking to avoid the lengthy commitment and high up front cost can look towards the EDGE program. For that users would be required to shell out $24.99 per month. While that price may be a bit higher than some had been hoping to see, there may be some other disappointing news.


If you notice the image sitting above, the One max that was pictured shows the Verizon logo sitting towards the bottom of the front. The handset is shown with a Verizon logo, however we cannot help but remember the earlier One max image that was shared by Verizon. That other image was posted on the coming soon page on the Verizon website and had things relatively clean looking — and with the HTC logo on the front.

Otherwise, while there is still some time to wait before the handset arrives with Verizon Wireless, those considering a purchase may benefit from our earlier published review.