After months of waiting yesterday Verizon finally released their own version of the extremely popular HTC One smartphone. For whatever reason they made us all wait months for it, and once it finally arrived we were happy to find out it could be unlocked on HTCDev, which is HTC’s way of letting developers have access to their smartphones, should they choose. However, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

As you all know, Verizon isn’t too friendly with the bootloader or modding community, and their phones always come locked down tight like the Alamo. When the HTC One arrived yesterday a few lucky buyers tried it on HTCDev and were extremely happy to see they were able to unlock the bootloader, as we confirmed here.

We have bad news though this morning folks. Late last night someone caught wind of the situation and Verizon already shut down our fun. Checking out the comments (Thanks Bob F) we learned Verizon and HTC shut it down, and after trying ourselves we can confirm it no longer works. It works for other carriers, just not Verizon. The excitement only lasted a day, sorry folks.

With that, we’re now stuck with a locked down HTC One on Verizon, and will have to wait and hope the modding and developer community at XDA or RootzWiki can handle this for us. Otherwise you’ll be stuck waiting for, and paying over the top for a Verizon HTC One developer edition, if we ever see one. If you got it unlocked while it was available, enjoy it. To everyone else, good look.


  1. i’ve never understood why anyone actually LIKES Verizon.
    their coverage is no better than AT&T anywhere i’ve lived (new england) and carriers like t-mobile have been running circles around their quality of service for years.

    fantastic marketing maybe? did they hire the hypnotoad from futurama?

    • Of course location is going to mean different levels of coverage. Out here in the San Francisco Bay Area, AT&T is extremely hit and miss, depending on where you are (My little town of Albany AT&T is a running joke!), and T-Mobile is all over the place.

      I originally had AT&T and after having nothing but problems switched to Verizon several years ago.


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