A few months later than the rest of the US carriers today Verizon Wireless finally launched the impressive HTC One smartphone. It’s one of the best devices on the planet, and sadly we had to wait this long. However, now that it’s here you’ll be happy to know it’s already under heavy development, bootloader can be unlocked officially at HTCDev, and we have root too.

For those on Verizon that were sad to wait for it to arrive, only to later see a stock Google Play edition hit the Play Store for AT&T and T-Mobile, this will be some good news. Not only can Verizon’s HTC One be fully unlocked using the standard HTCDev bootloader unlock site, for now at least, but it has already been rooted. Hopefully we’ll get the GPe ROM up in no time.

According to Droid-Life multiple users over at XDA have confirmed the unlock indeed works. But you better hurry because if this is like previous HTC devices on Verizon, it’ll get removed rather quickly and we’ll have to wait for the developer community to officially crack it. That or wait for the Developer edition that will run you over $600, no thanks.


Then those same sneaky and awesome developers over at XDA already have clockworkmod ready to go, and a simply 1-click root access file as well. So for those who understand the risks, and enjoy hacking and tweaking their phone, head to the XDA link below to get started. I’d hurry and unlock that boootloader first though, then proceed with the rest.

Did you snag the new Verizon HTC One today? Or are you waiting for something else since it took so long to arrive. Galaxy Note III or HTC One Max maybe?

VIA: XDA Developers



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