Last we heard Verizon and HTC had delayed the Android 4.3 rollout for the One by a month. Unfortunately, as that news came back at the end of October, that means those carrying a Verizon branded HTC One have already waited longer than the expected month. So while it would be nice to have seen news of the update beginning today, there is some news that it will be arriving fairly soon.

The details of the update have been shared by by Twitter user @moversi. And more than just another Twitter user, he is the Executive Director of Product Management at HTC. Anyway, according to what was shared, the Verizon HTC One should be getting their long awaited Android 4.3 update beginning this week.

“VzW HTC One Owners: We have received Technical Approval from Verizon on the 4.3 MR! We expect the OTA to start early next week! Thank You!”

The tweet mentioned “early next week” however we should clarify that was posted late last week. Simply put, be on the lookout for an update notification. Aside from the bump to Android 4.3, this update will keep the handset with Sense 5.0. The Sense 5.5 update will come when Kit Kat arrives. There hasn’t been a specific date mentioned, however HTC has previously said that would begin towards the end of January.

Needless to say, HTC beginning the update at the end of January doesn’t necessarily mean Verizon users will be seeing it that quickly. All that having been said, Verizon HTC One users should be on the lookout for the 4.3 update notification, which should hopefully be spotted sooner rather than later. Well, that or checking manually by diving into the settings.


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