HTC had previously announced a timeline that had the One getting Android 4.3 across all US carriers before the end of October. That list did include Verizon Wireless, however as we sit with just a few days left in the month, a delay has been announced. And unlike the delay we saw with the T-Mobile rollout, this one will not be just a few days. In fact, it looks like like a few weeks.

The details were shared by HTC America president Jason Mackenzie who mentioned a delay time of “approx a month.” There wasn’t anything more specific than that, but that would have Verizon users waiting until the end of November. Similar to the lack of specifics for the timeline, there wasn’t much revealed as to why.

In the same tweet, Mackenzie mentioned they “need more time to spin new SW & re-test 4.3 update.” The re-test bit does suggest there were some issues with the update that needed to be fixed, but there hasn’t been detail given as the what those issues were. Assuming there were issues in the first place. Otherwise, in responding to some angry messages on Twitter, Mackenzie did say this was “more complicated than can be explained in a tweet.”

He also mentioned that with software, “delays can happen” and they are currently working to “limit impact.” Bottom line here, while a delay is rarely welcomed, we suppose having to wait a bit longer is better than getting software that will hinder the performance of your device. Needless to say, we suspect Verizon HTC One users are going to be disappointed and at the same time, not all that surprised about the delay news.

Otherwise, while there was word of a delay for Verizon HTC One users, it looks like Big Red is getting a jump on the Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S 4 users. In fact, Verizon has posted the Galaxy S 4 Android 4.3 changelog and reports of the update already hitting user devices.