Fans of custom ROMs for Android will be aware of CyanogenMod. Not too long ago nightlies for the Galaxy S5 G900 and Galaxy S4 i9506 landed. This time out a couple more devices have CyanogenMod nightlies available for download.

Those new devices include the Verizon flavor of the Galaxy S5 (kltevzw) and the GSM HTC One Mini 2 (memul). The nightly releases may not be entirely stable, so as always, use them at your own risk.

There are two downloads available for the S5 with the last having been put up on October 22. There is a single download for the HTC device and it went upon October 22.

If you decide to download these nightlies, odds are everything will work fine for you. However, as with any customizing of the OS, there is always the chance you might brick your device making it unusable.

DOWNLOAD: Galaxy S5 / HTC One Mini 2 (GSM)
VIA: Android Police