We have some good news for owners of the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S5 smartphone. If you like to hack the software on your device, CyanogenMod 11 Nightlies are now available for both the T-Mobile LTE smartphone and the international unlocked versions of the device.

Along with nightlies for those versions of the Galaxy S5 also comes nightlies for another version of the Galaxy S4, the i9506 LTE-A version to be precise. The software or the S5 is labeled on the CyanogenMod page as being for klte.

There is a single nightly offered for the S5 right now. The Galaxy S4 software is on the CyanogenMod page as being for ks01lte. There is a single nightly available for that device as well.

As always, to install the software on your device you will need to unlock the bootloader and run the CyanogenMod ROM. Once complete, you’ll have your fancy custom ROM to play with.

DOWNLOAD: CyanogenMod (1), (2)
SOURCE: Android Police


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