When the news dropped yesterday that Verizon would start offering pre-orders for the “inspired by nature” Samsung Galaxy S III superphone starting tomorrow, June 6th I’m sure many of you were uber excited. One of the very next questions however was when would it actually be in your hands. We’ve received a few anonymous tips suggesting July 5th will be the day pre-orders start shipping.

Verizon has always liked Thursdays, and launched multiple phones on that day of the week so this is highly possible. For those hoping it would be released around the same time as the T-Mobile version on Jun 21st, it looks like that might not be the case. We are seeing similar reports from folks like Droid-Life reporting July 6th, so most likely pre-orders will start shipping on the 5th for a Friday arrival.

For now this is just a rumor but the date and being a Thursday has us pretty convinced over here. Obviously we won’t know for sure until Verizon makes this official, and that could be a while. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out like the Galaxy Nexus and be delayed a month or two, but you never know. Stay tuned for more details.

— Thanks Anon


  1. It’s really too bad they used a cheap plastic body for this phone. Guess I’m waiting for the Razr HD or the HTC phablet.

    • Not sure why so many people hate plastic so much.
      Everything is made from the stuff.
      Welcome to the 20th century. (Let alone the 21st)

      It’s IDEAL for a cell phone case.
      Doesn’t shatter like glass.
      Doesn’t block your signal like metal.
      It’s very inexpensive.
      Can be molded to countless shapes. (Far more than glass or metal ever could.)
      It’s very strong and very durable.
      Wide spread availability.
      Can be made in 1000s of colors without worry about the “paint” ever scraping off.
      It’s very lightweight.
      It can easily be made glossy or matte finish.
      Can easily be made smooth or rough. (and a thousand levels in between)
      Can easily maintain its shape when bent. (unlikely glass or metal)
      Can be made clear… just like glass.
      Can be made shiny reflective… just like metal.
      Can be made to feel horrible… or great in your hand.
      Can be made to NOT slip out of your hand.
      It can be drilled and mounted.
      It can be soft or hard.
      If you put the phone in a case… you won’t see or feel the plastic back anyway.
      (You’ll feel your cheap plastic CASE instead.)

      Not sure what “plastic” CAN’T do, that you are seeking.


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