Some good news for those developing around, and for, the Verizon version of the Galaxy S III — Samsung has just released the latest source code. And for users of the Verizon Galaxy S III, while this news does not bring anything for you today, it does bring the potential of future ROM releases for your handset.

Keep in mind, this is the official source code coming from Samsung as opposed to the general AOSP source code from Google (which is what Cyanogen is based off of). Not to mention, this does not necessarily mean that TouchWiz specific features are going to be showing up in third party ROMs.

This release, of course, follows the release of Android 4.1 for the Galaxy S III which Verizon began rolling out back on December 14. Bottom line here, those who are rocking a Verizon branded Galaxy S III and enjoy playing with third-party ROM — you should now have something to look forward to seeing in the future.

Otherwise, this source code release just falls in line with what Samsung has offered for other handsets in the past. One nice perk is that Samsung seems to have always been relatively quick to release the source code. The company also recently released the source code for the Galaxy Note II.

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[via AndroidPolice]