For all those customers on Verizon Wireless that have been waiting for some news regarding the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4, we might finally have some. Big Red hasn’t said a word about the device since it was announced, and we’ve all been wondering. Aside from a leaked Staples release date everything is still up in the air.

Today, or at least within the past 24-48 hours Samsung has updated their website with a clear image and indication of the Verizon Galaxy S 4. We knew it was coming, and there’s no way Big Red would pass it up, but this officially confirms it in some sort of manor. Oh and check it out, no massive Verizon logo on the home button this time. Maybe they got the message after the Note II.

With AT&T, T-Mobile and others all confirming the Galaxy S 4 was headed to their customers, and some even offering free S-Flip cases and pre-order dates, we’ve heard nothing from Verizon. According to Staples they will be last to the market (as usual) and we could see the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4 arrive on May 30th – a whole month later than AT&T.


Just like the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S 4 will be available from all carriers with the exact same specs, screen size, and everything else. This 5-inch 1080p quad-core smartphone surely is impressive and hit our links and hands-on coverage below for more details. We’re just happy to finally see something with Verizon attached to it, yet also glad we aren’t seeing huge logos covering the entire smartphone front or back. Stay tuned as a pre-order or release date should be arriving soon.

[via Samsung]

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