Today the Samsung Galaxy Note II from Verizon is arriving for multiple people across the states who pre-ordered this awesome 5.5-inch flagship smartphone. While enjoying it over the past few days we’ve noticed a few different keyboard options. Out of the box Verizon and Samsung have the usual Samsung keyboard, but then we noticed a few more. It appears both Swype, and the unreleased SwiftKey Flow are both also pre-installed for your choice.

Gesture typing is becoming more and more popular. Swype was the first 3rd party keyboard to truly take Android by storm with their swipe to easy and quickly type. SwiftKey however hasn’t added that feature to their arsenal quite yet, although the beta is merely just a few days away. SwiftKey 3 has been a favorite of ours for some time for their themes, layout, and of course their predictions that make typing a breeze. However with the Note II we have the best of both worlds.

It appears that Samsung has struck a deal with SwiftKey, because the Note II on Verizon actually comes with some form of SwiftKey Flow pre-installed. It isn’t the SwiftKey we know and love, and instead the stock Samsung keyboard has the option to “enable” flow should you decide to use it. Not to mention Swype comes pre-installed for those who’d rather like that option.

SwiftKey recently announced their new Flow keyboard, but it still isn’t available for the public. We’ve been hearing the private VIP beta will start soon, but it’s interesting to see it already available with Samsung. For those that love 3rd party keyboard options the Samsung Galaxy Note II from Verizon is loaded full of choices. Should you run out and buy the Note II today, give it a try and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to check out our Verizon Note II hands-on.

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