We have some excellent news for all those SwiftKey fans out there. As you all know, we’re big fans of SwiftKey here. Being the number one 3rd party keyboard for Android with well over 10 million downloads, we don’t need to explain why. What’s even better than SwiftKey 3? SwiftKey Flow! Empowering users to enjoy the best of both worlds. With the new Flow you’ll be typing and swyping, or “gliding” as SwiftKey puts it. More details below.

Oh boy, the folks from Swype sure have some serious competition now. Combining the unparalleled and awesome predictive and next-word prediction of SwiftKey 3 along with all their awesome themes, 44 languages support and more, to also have the same swipe or flow features as competing keyboards all in one. Sign me up!

SwiftKey Flow will be bringing the best of both worlds to the Android keyboard. Being able to type with ease and use their awesome prediction engine, then flow when using your device one-handed will really be exciting. SwiftKey 3 keyboard has tons of fans and this will only get them more. Here’s a quick preview of what to expect from SwiftKey Flow:

Here’s what SwiftKey CEO Jon Reynolds had to say about their all new and improved keyboard:

We know our users have different tastes and habits – this way they’ll get to choose what style of writing suits them best without compromising the power of the predictions. We’ve been hard at work on SwiftKey Flow over the last year and it’s great to finally be able to give you a sneak peek. I’m confident our users will be blown away once they get their hands on it.”

The folks from SwiftKey have confirmed their new keyboard is still in the testing phase, and as usual they’ll be offering it up for a private beta to their VIP members. Although it looks like this will be a new VIP program altogether. You can sign up to try SwiftKey Flow yourself in the coming weeks from SwiftKey.net/flow


  1. Seems to me that there would be some type of patent issue here. Swype has used this as their main reason to choose them over anyone else if you wanted this feature. Shrug..

  2. I wonder if they’ve joined forces behind the scenes ? I recently switched to Magic Keyboard – could never get on with Swype. Might have to give it SwiftKey another try now !


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