The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is almost through it’s first quarter of existence and Verizon is now preparing a major follow up to its previous update to its customers. But while the update is noted to bring quite a number of bug fixes and improvements, it will also be introducing a few new pieces of bloatware as well.

It’s as if preloaded apps from manufacturers aren’t bad enough, carriers also have their fair share of custom software to force down on their users. Granted, these apps and widgets are intended to offer their customers easier access to the carrier’s services, such as the My InfoZone widget or the Verizon Support & Protection app. Curiously, Verizon’s changelog makes mention of the addition of VMWare as a preinstalled feature, though it doesn’t specify which app from the virtualization expert will be included.

Fortunately, the update will do more than just incrase the number of bloatware on the Galaxy Note 3. It also includes fixes for several major issues such as handwriting input for email and SMS as well as problems with email syncing. Verizon also notes that connectivity has been improved and that the mobile hotspot feature is more reliable now. Overall sound quality has also been improved and an issue with Bluetooth audio conflicting with missed calls has also been addressed.


There is still no schedule when this major update will roll out to Galaxy Note 3 owners, but Verizon says that it has already been approved on December 9. Barring last minute showstoppers, we should probably be seeing this update hit users in a week or so.

SOURCE: Verizon
VIA: Droid Life