The Verizon Galaxy Note 3 has proven to be a solid handset in terms of hardware and software, that is of course, assuming you are looking for an oversized smartphone. But while the experience has been good for most, there have been some complaints. As of today though, it looks like Verizon is addressing two issues — connectivity and sound.

The update is hitting devices as you read this post and in fact, the update has landed on the review unit Galaxy Note 3 we have here in the office. The update is on the smaller side and took just about 5 minutes to install. That included both the download and installation time.

As for the changes, there are just two items included this time around. They are as follows; improved connectivity and improved sound quality. The connectivity portion of the update does leave us to wonder though, are they taking overall, or something specific. We have seen some in and out with WiFi, but while some have complained about LTE, our experience has been solid.

Anyway, once updated your handset will remain at Android 4.3 and with the baseband going to VRUBMJ7. Those carrying a Verizon branded Galaxy Note 3 can either sit back and wait for the update notification to arrive. In which case, you can then follow the prompts. Otherwise, those looking to get the update now should navigate to Settings -> About phone -> Software update to get the process started.