Smartphones still aren’t most the power efficient of gadgets, and LTE radios gobble up battery power even faster. Though the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus already features a larger battery than its HSPA+ brother, no doubt a few of you will already have your new phones begging for more juice long before the day’s over. Enter Samsung’s extended battery, which give the Galaxy Nexus a slightly extended 2100mAh of power. That’s an increase of 250mAh – not a gigantic addition, but it’s also not going to give your new phone a tumor on its back.

The extended battery does require a new battery cover, but given the only slightly increased depth, it doesn’t dramatically affect the slim profile of the Galaxy Nexus. The extended cover kind of smooths out the angled edge where the bottom of the cover meets the “Galaxy hump”, giving the extended version a more rounded and smooth appearance. We didn’t have any calipers handy for the video below, but I’d say that it probably increases the thickness of the Galaxy Nexus by less than 2 millimeters. We’ll have some extensive battery testing in our upcoming review.

We also tested out the standard battery with Samsung’s extra battery charger and a rudimentary screen protector. There’s no surprises here, except perhaps that the extended battery slides into it without any issues. It doesn’t close, but it charges fine. At least some Verizon stores are running a promotion, wherein you can get 20% off of accessories if you buy three at once. We haven’t seen any sort of promotion for this, so it may be limited, though reports out of both Texas and Arizona indicate that you can get the deal there. Both instances were corporate-owned Verizon stores, not second party resellers.

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