Many of us, including myself, have been waiting months for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to finally hit the US. And now that it finally has on Verizon Wireless, my experience has been less than perfect. The signal has continued to drop since purchase, and my previous 4G phone on Big Red had great signal strength.

When the signal doesn’t drop – it just hangs in 3G and an “Airplane Mode” toggle is required to get 4G back up and running. But here’s the catch, the signal was excellent for the 4 hours I used it before installing the 4.0.2 update. I thought it may have just been my device or even area, but many others are experiencing these issues over in a thread at XDA Developers.

Now one user, mastibeta, spent time on the phone with Verizon tech support and they seemed to not only fix the 4G lock on his device, but also double his data speeds. Lets hope it’s a software issue and not hardware; the Nexus S 4G had its share of signal issues and hopefully the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t follow suit. All of us here at Android Community using Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus are having similar signal problems – so we know there is an issue at hand.

Are any of you having signal issues? If so, please let us know in the comments below.

  • Anonymous

    yup got it here

    • Sam Koutroulakis

      It’s so irritating. 

  • David

    I dont live in a 4G area (not until Feb) but i am having issues with the phone not coming out of airplane mode. It will be greyed out in every menu and takes a reset to clear up. I also have issues with signal strength- as 3G gets low (inside a building) , i may not have any service at all for data, but have 3-4 bars of signal and someone else’s phone right beside me works fine. I agree with the thought that this happened after 4.0.2

    • I have had all of these issues today as well.

      • James Janssen

        As have I. Had to reboot phone twice, since it wouldn’t go out of airplane mode. Oh, and when it was stuck in this mode the radio got hot and sucked battery like a vampire.

  • Krsjuan

    Same problem here. im upgrading from a droid charge and i have them sitting next to each other. The charge has -89 dbm and the galaxy nexus has -110 dbm.

  • Chuckgal99

    Having significant signal issues with nexus poor strength droppingy
    Signal very dissapointed want to return phone and go
    Back to old device which had twice the strength

  • Twice today I’ve lost signal, airplane mode toggle didn’t help, required a reboot. Damn.

  • Peteeveryman

    Seious signal issues here. I lose all service twice an hour.

  • Nexus S 4g was on Sprint WiMax, so it’s not really comparable. 

  • Reverepats09

    Yup. Its frustrating as hell. Before i posted this 4G was gone and actually reappeared. Does verizon know aboit this issue?

  • Zerofill

    This is zerofeel from with the verizon model, symptoms exactly as listed for me here in srq florida.

  • exiOS

    My signal report for the day was 95% in the yellow or dark yellow. Sitting at -120 at the moment. Terrible signal where my og droid had no issues. Seems to average almost -25 lower than my other phones side by side.

  • 77_fj40

    Same problems here! Considering taking the phone back to ger the Razr. Nexus is losing cell signal when i am in site of a tower, wifi even sucks!

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Verizon’s “extensive testing?”

  • 93typhoon

    Same problem here. My brothers thunderbolt has low 4g at our parents (in bfe) i currently have 1 bar of 3g and it drops to nothing on a regular basis. Love the phone but signal strength needs to improve.

  • Kettle

    The upgrade ruined my phone. It made it unusable for any communication but wifi. After 3 hours on the phone wth verizion they saod to just exchange it and not upgrade. Did so and works great on 4.0.1. Though it is iritating the hell out of me because there is a pop up every few minutes asking me to upgrade and it wont go away!

    • Adam Brandt

      How many bars are you getting?  Are you on 4G or 3G?  I just wanna be sure it’s software related.  Thanks

  • Skeetodeet

    I bought the first nexus sold in my town and was excited to have such a high tech phone i was still using a og droid. It worked great until the update now i only get 1 maybe 2 bars we dont hsve 4g here yet. My og droid always had 4 bars. Really thinking about returning it $$$$ 300.00 for a unreliable phone. If you dont have a good signal whats the use.

  • Hmm… I must be one of the only people not having these signal issues with my Verizon Gnex on 4.0.2. It’s been nothing but stable and awesome ever since I got it. It’s only dropped down to 3G a few times but then quickly gone back to 4G when I get to a more stable area. Northern California here.

    Let’s hope they fix these issues in 4.0.3.

  • Robbyt

    Little tip guys, post what city you’re in. Not all LTE networks actually work. A friend who is a vzw engineer told me that big cities like NYC and LA have Lucent LTE networks, but the smaller ones have cheaper Ericsson networks. Guess which LTE network works better?

    So, please if you have something to say about LTE, please say what city you’re in.

  • No problems here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Al Heasley

    Hey guys…..i had the same issues with my nexus. Im not in a 4g area so i went to settings-wifi-moble network and changed mine from the 4g/cdma to just cdma. And it works great now. Try it yourself. When i get 4g i will turn it back.

    • Al Heasley

      Sorry…….go to more, not wifi.

    • Al Heasley

      Yep, just tried putting it back on the 4G/CDMA and it lost all data signal. I guess if it does not see a 4g signal it does not switch to CDMA. With it on just CDMA i have no issues.

    • Donvon2078

      I’m in Dallas and i’m having the same issue. My Charge always kept 4 bars of LTE and my daughters Xoom tablet as well, but my GN has 1 bar of 3G at most…Please fix because i love this phone!!!

  • Waunwenn

    I am in new york and am having the same issues. signal strength and 4g very bad. I had thunderbolt before this and was always great signal and 4g strength. I really hope this is a software issue that can be fixed in an update soon….

  • Scottdmack

    My 4g signal was good in metro detroit, 3g was decent too. I’m in northern MI (Gaylord) now in a location that had at least 75% 3g signal on my OG Droid & I barely have 1 bar on the galaxy & that has has been in & out. Major bummer, hope this issue is addressed asap.
    What is the # to call that would update the cell towers on your phone back in the day? Was thinking about trying that.

  • Michael

    Same signal issues here in Detroit. LTE is very spotty and often times lose my signal all together. On the rare occasion when I do have 4G I’m getting 1 or 2 bars, never full strength. I have been getting a “Network Error, Please Check the Network” message at the bottom of the phone sometimes when I try to do something in either LTE/CDMA or CDMA mode and this happens even if there is a signal, very strange. On another note, last night my battery died and when I tried to turn it back on the sim card was locked and needed a PUK lock code to get the phone back operational, had to call Verizon have them give me the unlock code and create a new Sim Unlock code; very frustrating. I love the phone but come on guys we waited long enough for this phone, it should be absolutely problem free.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got a Thunderbolt and a Galaxy Nexus side-by-side here.  The Thunderbolt is reporting 5 bars of signal strength and 4G data, the Nexus is reporting 1 bar with 4G data.  If I move the Thunderbolt to on top of my aluminum MacBook Pro’s keyboard, it maintains it’s signal; the Nexus placed in the same location drops both voice and data.  There’s definitely an issue with the reception/antenna on the Nexus.  I need to keep a closer watch on this as it may be why my Nexus chewed through battery much faster yesterday than I would have expected (searching for signal?).  

    That said, even with just 1 bar in my side-by-side tests of the Nexus and Thunderbolt with the SpeedTest app (against several different servers), the Nexus tends to outperform the Thunderbolt on speed.  Max test to Chula Vista on Nexus =9900 kb/s, Thunderbolt =7700.  Both usually got scores around 4000-5000.  I’ve seen much faster on the Thunderbolt here in town, but not sure what my top score in the house has been; my house is a bit of a Faraday cage.

    Location: north part of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA  

  • Fused1

    Yup im getting horrible signal loss on my brand new nexus

    And if the battery life wasnt enough, werent all the delays supposed to fix things like this.

    When i get home from work verizon will be getting a call from me, i hope they can fix this or im sending it back

  • Kirsten Ray

    Got my phone yesterday.  I’m not in a 4G area, but even 3G is spotty.  My previous Motorola Driod gets 4 bars.  Even sitting in one place the 3G signal goes up and down and at one point left 3G altogether and I had to reboot my phone to get 3G back. Plus the battery life is absolutely terrible. Bad reception and bad battery life = returned phone.  I have 13 more days to figure out how this phone will last me 2 years.  At the moment is it set to be returned. 

  • Mr Nova

    Location: South-East Texas, This is a 4g LTE location and my Galaxy Nexus 4g strength AND call signal is at one bar to zero bars. Compare that to my brother’s Bionic which has 3 bars of LTE and Full bars of call signal (in the same spot). I upgraded from the OG Droid. I really do love the Galaxy Nexus, it has succeeded my expectations in all areas except Signal strength. I will wait and hope this is a fixable problem.

    • When it shows zero or one bar, can you still make phone calls or browse the web?

      • amv91

        I have been having all of these issues and when I have no bars, I can’t send calls, text or anything. It’s happened a lot. At that point I want to use it as a coaster. I’m in Buffalo, NY. 4G is here. Rarely is it full bars on either 4G or 3G. I had better reception on an LG Voyager and damn Samsung Rogue!

  • Thatcomplicatedgirl

    Location Aurora Mo… i seem to barely have 3g at my house. I hope there is a way to update the towers? I cant make phonecalls but can do texting.

    • Anonymous

      I’m in Nixa, MO.  I have a very weak voice signal at my house (judging by looking at dB strength, not bars), and have had some reception issues while on the phone.  Also I am in a 4G area, however, its much slower at my house.  

      Now if I drive just a couple miles to S Campbell and Plainview in Springfield, I have a very strong signal and the 4G is blazing fast.  

  • Hyd Me1

    The signal strength is very poor on the verizon nexus.
    Get one bar where i used to get three.
    Cant run netflix or sling without stutter.
    Only 3g in my area.

  • M.F

    Baltimore MD. My wifes bionic has four bars and my gn has none i really like the phone but cant keep it if i cant make calls on it. Also i dont even have 3g bars

    • Anonymous

      I’m in Glen Burnie, MD and work in Annapolis and have had no issues reception wise on my device. it’s actually probably the strongest device i’ve ever used as far as signal strength. the issue i’m having is that if i pick it up 5 times, 3 of those times it will have no voice or data connection whatsoever and i have to wait a couple minutes for it to decide to connect. but again, while it’s connected, it’s strong.

  • Benito Wood

    im in the los angeles area and i dont think i have been on full bars since i got the phone. with that said i havent had any connection issues or dropped signals. the only time it switched to 3g on its own when i was in long beach

  • I am in the Akron Ohio area got the phone at the release been also waiting for months with an old Droid Inc. My 4g coverage is spotty in my area I live normally, I do get two bars on 4g and 2 or three on 3g. I have not dropped calls nor have I had the phone drop from 4g to 3g at random times. I very rarely will get full bars on my old Droid Inc in the past my only concern is call drops and data drops, and I haven’t experienced it yet as for most I hope it is a firmware issue that can be fixed cause I have to be honest any other phone Verizon has is crap.

  • Only had it a day, but my 4G has worked everywhere I’ve tried it in the San Francisco Bay Area. Much faster and much better coverage than Sprint 4G.

    Also, you can’t compare bars between different phones. Go to Settings->About phone->Status and look at the Signal Strength numbers.

  • Bob

    Same here, just got it, did the damn update… guess its a software issue.

    I’m sitting on the 5th floor apartment window — i have 1(maybe 2 bars) and i’m on WiFi(my wifi router is 7 feet from me in the same room) and its reporting 3-bars for wifi….

    ugggg… Please fix this shit Google…

    Chelsea, Manhattan NYC  <— I should have around 17-bars given the city/area i'm in….there is absolutely a problem going on here….

  • Greg

    I am having issues too with signal then long resets. Also not sure if this is an app issue but i am not able to link my facebook account with the accounts and sync part of the phone.

    • Anonymous

      yea the facebook thing is an app and os issue. apparently facebook needs to rewrite how it accesses contacts or something but from what i understand, they get the permissions necessary to do it in the 4.0.3 update. it’s a shame though that big contact pictures is such a big feature and almost no one in my phone has contact pics since i can’t connect to facebook.

      • Anonymous

        use friend caster app to link contacts to facebook.

  • I am also having terrible reception problems with the Samsung nexus 4g. i switched from a moto razor that had great reception every where i went. I still have the razor and when this phone keeps dropping calls and has no signal the razor has half bars and never drops a single call.. Im gonna give them a few days to work it out… other than that the Samsung is getting returned is they don’t fix it quick

  • dschuett

    Sooo mad. My wife has the droid 2 and is setting right next to me with full service while i have ZERO bars on my GN. Annoying, and unexceptable on a $300 phone.

  • Anonymous

    i am so glad i’m not the only one. its been dropping voice and data pretty frequently since i got it but i couldn’t find anything online when i looked. it’s pretty crazy because on the occasion it does get connected, the signal is excellent with 4 bars and 4G in areas my Galaxy SI struggled at times. i actually just got back from the Verizon store and after telling me i was the only person to come back with Nexus issues, they uninstalled JuiceDefender (which i installed to attempt to remedy the battery issues) and SuperUser (downloaded automatically, i haven’t rooted) and then gave me a new Sim card. i walked around the mall a little after that and the issues started again not too long after. i decided not to go back since it’s obviously something they aren’t prepared to deal with yet. lets hope it’s something fixable though because it’s killing the battery at an alarming rate since it’s constantly searching for signal. it sucks but i almost feel bad complaining considering how much i complained they hadn’t released it yet. maybe this is why…

  • Kmoore099

    I’m on Long Island NY. On Friday FedEx delivered my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I only had one bar signal strength. On Saturday my signal, was dropped several times and the reset took several minutes. My OG Driod had 3 or four bars. My wife’s new iPhone 4S typically has 3 bars, but the signal is constant and STRONG, even in my basement!I’ll give it a week. Verizon has seldom let me down.

  • chris

    I am having significant signal issues in a solid 4g area here in San Diego. I go from having a full 4g connection to no connection till I reboot the phone. It happens randomly with no reasoning behind it. I also find that in places my Thunderbolt had a full 4g connection, I barely have 2 bars. I am a bit frustrated with the signal strength but I’ve seen these things fixed in radio updates so am hanging on a bit longer. Being an early adopter sometimes really sucks.

  • Anonymous

    I bought mine on the 15th and it did its update to 4.02 while it was being set up, so I can’t compare it to its previous 4.0 state.  I did notice that its signal is significantly lower than my AT&T phone was at my office, practically in the shadow of a cell tower.  I only have 3G service in this area.  Other than that, I absolutely love the phone, especially on WiFi at home.

  • Becker800

    Got issus with mine here in PA. Constant signal losses and I lose data.

  • Anonymous

    My signal isn’t great, but it isn’t too bad that it doesn’t work, either. Whenever I had it set to 4G (and I live in a pretty poor signal area, too) it hung on to it. I have, though, switched it intentionally to 3G to save some battery because I really don’t use that much that 4G would benefit.

    I’m sure a software/radio update at some point will take care of whatever issues you’re having. Additionally, my Thunderbolt hasn’t seen 4G in two weeks.

  • Anonymous

    Keep in mind that because of the holiday thing, anyone who bought a Nexus will have until January 15 to return it. Maybe 4.0.3 will be out by then and resolve some of these issues.

  • Wi-woods

    Yes and even my wifi signal in my house is only at like 1-2 bars.

  • Hot Sauce Steve

    Live in Honolulu Hawaii. Even though in solid 4G area – I haven’t seen the 4G since I bought it on December 16.  Barely getting 3G and sometimes nothing.  Not getting phone calls either.  Verizon Support said I would have to get a new one.  Seems like a great computer not a phone

  • Been trying to get in touch with big red but every transfer out of their service line returns a message that the number I am being transferred to is no longer in service. I am them directed to call the VRU system I had just dialed into.

  • Sybergato

    Terrible signal. Had a better signal on my og droid! 10 days to fix it or im exchanging.

  • Jsalimao

    Same here in southern NJ. Its a real shame because i love this phone but i can hardly get reception in areas i should be getting four-five bars. That just 3g…i never get 4g. I’m really torn on whether or not to return this phone. Seems like samsung uses poor quality radios because this is a common complaint with most of thier phones.

  • Steve Parking

    Just got the phone. Tried to update cell towers with *228 but no dice. Battery is my biggest concern.

    • Anonymous

      It tells me call not sent when i tried *228

      • amv91

        having this problem as well

      • Anonymous

        I picked mine up earlier and it had dialled *22899 on its own. I ended the call not knowing what it was and then it did it again. When I listened to it, it said it was being provisioned and had the same *228 music. There is no record of it in my call log and I get the ‘call not sent’ error when I try to dial it. Have no clue what it was or if it has helped the issue but it has at least thoroughly creeped me out…

    • Apotato

      *228 doesn’t work on LTE phones.

  • Anonymous

    I think its clear to assume its everybody ? Until I drop calls or cant make them im going to ride it out .

    • Houndawg

      No, it’s not everybody.

  • jared

    i cant fully comment on 4G as its my first experience with it, but my 3G reception is terrible compared to my OG Droid.

  • Justin_wilson32

    I bought my galaxy nexus the day it came out and have never lost my 4G signal i usually have 2-4 bars but nothing below it and i get between 20-30mbps download speeds my record is 38mbps

    • Justin_wilson32

      Tulsa area

    • Anonymous

      Same – Boston/Metro Boston. I topped at 33. Never lost signal. Phone has froze 2x’s though

  • Fused1

    I called verizon twice yesterday after a long 12 hour shift ar work.

    The first call the tech was great, got me back on 4g , told me they have zero reports of this problem.

    As of 12/17/11 8 pm arizona time.

    1 hour later the signal went back to 3 g and even dropped off all together. I called back and this tech its normal , he had the same issues with his bionic. Not to reassuring and somewhat arrogant. So he said to give it time and they will fix it. Like 14 days ?? And get stuck with a 4 g “lte” device that doesnt work on 4 g??

    Typical verizon, get ur act together already

  • Drjrose1705

    I had the original droid from Verizon for 2 years with excellent reception and excellent battery life. I find the nexus has a very weak signal or no signal in locations it was no problem with the droid. The battery life is about 50% less than the original droid

    • I’m coming from the original Droid as well, and I agree. Signal in my house with the Nexus is around 1-2 bars, with my Droid it was 3-4 bars. WiFi also seems to be showing a weaker signal than my Droid as well. Battery life on the Nexus is extremely weak compared to the Droid. I was getting 12-18 hours on my Droid, with the Nexus I get around 6-8. This is absolutely killing me, but I’m considering returning this by the 15th of January if software updates don’t fix both the reception and the battery issues. 

  • Nick

    Every couple hours my network connection drops and cannot call text or use the web unless on wifi for the web

    • amv91

      having the same issues as well. really frustrated. waited for this to come out and now this. talked to tech support, they checked the phone remotely and said everything was fine. next tech support guy said it’s probably a bad phone and i should swap it for another. i tried a factory reset with the same results.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, I considered a factory reset but that is a lot of work at this point!

  • best signal strength in my house is -106dBm 34 asu…i swtiched from an iphone4 on ATT because of bad signal strength and poor antennas…am i cursed? hoping there’s a software fix given what was stated in the article.

  • 33kalm

    I never have full signal strength, and I’m always in 3G mode. I’ve lost reception in my local mall a few times, and lost a call once inside my home.

  • Frank

    Yep having issues..really as easy as calling verizon tech support? Disappointing and i kove the phone so hope it can be fixed.

  • burples

    NW Michigan Verizon 3G only area. GN speed testing  @  .4-1 Mb Down and .2-.4 UP usually low end of range. Signal bar indication 0-1 occasionally 2. Had hoped for better even on this 3G network.

  • Mlspankow

    I hate it so far…. awesome coverage area with dropped calls and 1 bar on my 3G signal!  I disabled 4G as it was on / off and frustrating.

    • Frank

      how do you disable/enable 4g? still tooling around w/ this phone and having any smartphone is brand new to me.

      • David Greenbaum

        Settings -> More… (under Wireless and Networks) -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode.  Choose CDMA for 3G or LTE for 4G.

  • Anonymous

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  • IOUWhat?

    My signal is usually weak most places with no more than one to two bars.  Other phones I have had (Razr) have had great reception indication.  The funny thing is that in my car on my bluetooth integration panel the display indicates full signal strength.  That is very puzzling.  

    • Anonymous

      I downloaded a dBm widget (actually several) and they always show significantly higher signal than the phone does in Settings.  Problem is, I can’t tell whether the bars on the screen or dBm in the Settings are showing 3G or 4G when the phone has both enabled…  Either way, it always is much higher on the widgets than the phone reports. I live right by a Verizon 3G/4G tower and barely get a bar of service, whereas my friend got stellar service on his RAZR at my place.  Something’s up with this phone.

  • gordon

    I’m really disappointed about this phone. Past devises used: Incredible,
    X, Revolution (which sucked), Bionic then on the 15th- Nexus. Never had
    any trouble with any of the others connecting to the network. The
    Bionic could 4g hotspot 2-3 computers in my home no problem. I can’t
    even make a phone call or connect to the 3g-4g network! 5 other Verizon
    phones in my house with no issues. This tells me it is the device. Also,
    the screen sucks outside, the auto brightness setting sucks (which
    forces me to set the brightness to 3/4 full, and kills the battery
    quicker), and the speaker sucks. The positive is a short list, the ICS
    (it has some great features, keyboard is great), and size. Taking it
    back ASAP for razr or going back to the Bionic.

  • Ben

    I haven’t had any issues with speed here in Iowa, my 4g is full strength and hasn’t had issues.  The speakers definitely suck though, hard to hear pretty much anything both in-call and when the phone is ringing 

  • Emptyharddrive

    My razor had 4 bars 3g now on the nexus I get 0 to 1 bar 3g it definitely seems to have signal issues. Northeast Michigan.

    • Frank

      same here, my old phone got good reception and i’m in the boston area which is pretty much saturated with both 3 and 4g…i don’t see many bars, haven’t had dropped calls but i’m using juice defender ultimate so sometimes the wifi goes off.  when it does i frequently have connectivity issues, and i’m also noticing it’s not catching the wifi signal as easily as my wife’s iPhone or just about any other phone.

  • Anonymous

    Just talk to tech support and its not a known issue, so call and complain. Tech support had me turn phone off for a min , then turn off wifi, and turn on data roaming( which is off by defult ). And 4g returned .

    • amv91

      they told me that too. still having issues. i called a local vz store and they said they knew of the problem and they said sim card. who knows.

      • Frank

        what about the sim card…?  did they give you a new one or are they saying it’s a problem w/ the sim card on all the phones that will be resolved?

      • McGeezer

        I”m having the same issues. No 4g  at my house, barely any 3g, dropped calls. Verizon just replaced my sim card and the phone is the exact same.

      • amv91

        They just said that it could be a bad sim card. I took my phone back and got a new one but didn’t apply the update. knock on wood but no problems at all. still not the strongest of signals but nothing of what been happened with my first one. even battery life is way better. I’m  not updating until 4.0.3

  • Anonymous

    I received my GNX yesterday and I thought I was the only one with the problem. 

    Although I was able to surf on the web, I wasn’t able to make or receive call. I reset the phone a couple of times. That didnt work so I called technical support. TS did what he could on his end but that didnt solve the problem. This morning I went to a Verizon store and the guy over there swapped out the sim card. The phone was working fine till I got back to the apartment. Now I cant even get 3g service on my phone , let alone 4g. If I need to make a phone call, I would have to walk out of the apartment. 

    Also my GNX doesn’t show up on my Verizon overview account. It indicates a message that the phone needs to be activated. It doesn’t make any sense.

    • Anonymous

      I believe the reason you couldn’t make calls but had data was that the 3G signal runs at a higher frequency and doesn’t carry as far as the 4G signal.  So, when you’re in a fringe area, you lose 3G service (calls/txt) but might keep data.  This happened to me in the middle of Austin several times.

      • Anonymous

        I see. What I still don’t understand is this: 

        I owned a Droid X prior to the GNX. I have perfect “3g reception” at the apartment. So my apartment is definitely not located in a fringe area. It is because the antenna band on the GNX is weaker than the Droid X? Or maybe my phone is defective. This sucks big time as I have grown accustomed to GNX . 

  • Rob

    Anyone get the 4.0.3 update, and were the signal problems fixed?

    • Frank

      rob, i have 4.0.2 but it says my system is up to date?  where do i get 4.0.3 if it’s not being pushed to my phone? (I’m new to Android, go easy on me!)

      • Anonymous

        4.0.3 is not out yet. To update your phone manually, click setting, about phone, then system updates. 

      • Frank

        thanks i had tried that. based on rob’s post i had assumed it had been released…hopefully we see a release that addresses the signal issues by early jan; if not i’m returning it.

    • Frank

      another weird thing..isn’t *228 supposed to allow you to update your phone so it always has the most up to date signal?  i try and it says “call not sent”.  is this procedure different w/ verizon 4g?

      • Alan

        Hi Frank. I was told by Verizon you do not use *228 for 4g phones.

      • Frank

        thanks alan!…is there an equivalent, or does the sim card constantly keep the device updated?

      • Alan

        Frank, you will receive over the air updates. You will be asked to proceed with the update. That is all there is to it, unless you want to check for updates ahead of time, as noted by BlackFreefall below. 

      • Frank

        got it. *228 on non-4g phones is really about updating the phone’s software for antenna reception purposes only. you’re telling me that we need to await Android OS updates for the same thing, which affects more than reception.  no biggie, just curious why they got rid of it as they don’t appear to be the same thing.

      • Alan

        Frank, sorry if you receive two reply s on this. I sent one from my phone but it is not appearing yet. To answer your question you need more of an expert than I to answer. My comment would be, do not worry about it, you will receive your updates ota.

  • Eric

    I’m getting consistently 2 bars and once in awhile I get 3 (all at home). I’m in a strong 4G area. My calls have been fine.  Will monitor more now from different locations.  Love the phone, would hate to have to return it.  Ann Arbor, MI. 

  • Brad2005ox

    About 2 days ago i had made a call and as soon as the person on the other end picked up and said hello the phone dropped the call. fast forward to today and i sent a couple of texts only to have them come back as “message not sent”, made a call which was then dropped and a couple more undelivered texts. my signal turned off then 3g and finally back to 4. this all happened while driving on the 405 north where the 10 and sunset exit. maybe a poor signal in that area or maybe a software issue. either way this phone is still the incredible. i’m sure it will be resolved in due time. Don’t forget  

    • Anonymous

      I have issues sending texts as well.  My phone just doesn’t have signal anywhere and they fail.  This was never an issue with Sprint and I’m shocked that my first Verizon experience is this bad.


    I imported a GSM GN and run it on T-Mobile. I almost always have full signal. I also have a Nexus S 4G and never have a good signal. It always seems to have radio issues. Thats pretty much why I steered clear of Verizon’s model. HSPNA+ is plenty fast. 4G is still new. Its kills batteries and the phones always seem to suffer from hardware issues. Look how long it takes Verizon to launch ANY LTE device. The delays scared me. GSM model had very few complaints with generally very positive reviews. I havent been disappiinted. This is the first GREAT phone experience Ive had in recent memory.

  • Steve Tolbert

    I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the 15th as well.  I live north of Dallas in McKinney Texas.  I must say the call quality has been significantly worse then my iphone 3gs I just sold to get this. I get static, had one dropped call, and it just sounds tinty. I also use the bluetooth to make calls from my car. Worked great with my iphone. Tried it on the nexus and my wife says I dont sound near as clear. This is very frustrating having just spent $300. I just decided to check the dbm at my home and I am ranging 106 to 120. I hope I dont have to return this phone but I definitely will if this cant be corrected. Hopefully 4.0.3 will address these issues

  • Mdybas59

    I am having the same problems, and it is very disappointing. Also can’t get it to hold a charge for very long at all.

  • Dmthomas30

    I’m having the same problem. It is as if I don’t have 4G LTE. This sucks. It always swithches to 3G with a low signal. I feel like I made a mistake awithching to verizon.

  • I live in Burbank/Toluca Lake, CA.
    I have not had one single problem with 4G data and speeds are a consistent 13 to 15 Mbps down and 3 to 5 Mbps up.
    Signal strength is not bad but not great. (but, I have to admit, it is never great in this specific part of town on any phone I’ve had)
    Either way, I am really enjoying my phone.

  • Jsalimao

    Same here. Also having issues with 3G. If enough people complain and take thier phones back. They’ll be forced to fix it.

  • Scottholstein Sh

    I have owned the phone for two days. Signal was awesome prior to my purchase. I played with the device for about an hour or more before I bought it. The phone was like lightening. As soon as I got in the car, I accepted the 4.0.2 update…now…the signal is pitiful. Thinking about returning the phone since I have 14 days.

    • Frank

      fyi you have until jan 15th…holiday exception on returns.  i am also looking down the road at a return if an update/patch/fix isn’t released to improve signal quality across the board (wifi/3g/4g). 

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t have my phone without the update long enough to notice how it was then, but I’m generally shocked at how bad my phone reports Verizon’s signal all over the Austin metro area.  When in the Verizon store on Friday, I noticed that every Droid phone had near full signal, except my Galaxy Nexus.  At my house, my friend’s house and my rental property my signal is only one bar at best, often going to having no service in the MIDDLE of the city.  With Sprint, this was never ever an issue ever ever ever.  Additionally, when on calls, my phone cuts out and misses parts of the conversation constantly.  I know it’s on my end because 1. CDMA cut outs sound different than GSM and 2.  I’ve called several land lines to verify.

    They wait almost 2 months to supposedly ‘perfect’ this phone before releasing it, only to apparently destroy the signal within hours of buying the phone.  They should have just released it weeks ago. My first call on the phone actually dropped, and ironically I was talking to my friend who has an AT&T iPhone. She died laughing.

  • Anonymous

    Just compared my phone to my coworker’s Droid Charge.  Good comparison, as both are Samsung.  We work at a building that is also a Verizon tower.  I shut off our 4G and compared the dBm of our phones on 3G.  His was very good, as it should be next to the tower.  Mine was significantly worse, and consistently so.  Often his would go down into the -50dBm range, but mine stayed between -75 and -85dBm, which is significantly worse.

    This explains why I drop calls and have had no service in areas of Austin that I should have full coverage.

    • Elderon

      That’s a bad example. Being right under a tower or transceiver puts you into its dead spot usually. I also have issues with signal strength if I leave my house (perfect 4g sig). What gets me is how inconsistent it is. On the Droid when I got it I had perfect 3g. I could use shopsavvy or browse the net inside most stores. Now on the gnexus or Droid I can barely get a signal in a giant parking lot with no extremely large buildings to block the signal. Go into any store now and you can forget even 3g. It’s not a phone only issue Verizon is bombing on their network roll out.

    • Anonymous

      i have owned both of these phones, sold my charge to pay for gnex. I would have issues with my charge (hated the phone). This phone signal wise is worse, which I did not think could be possible! I love everything about the phone, the best overall android experience minus signal problems! I am beginning to think Samsung radios just suck and it is a hardware issue. I never had problems with the incredible!

  • Dissapointed

    I have had my phone since Thursday morning, and i am very dissapointed. No 3g at all in my home and most of the time only 2 bars. I was down in LA over the weekend and signal bounced between no bars on 4g and a 3g signal. I am thinking about taking it back.

  • Yep, mine is doing the same thing, in 3g mode, since we don’t have 4g here in northwest montana… yet. Annoying though, very annoying. Not sure which is more annoying, having a car dock that doesn’t kick the phone into car mode, or having crappy signal / 3g speeds. Thanks verizon, best launch ever. You should be ashamed for “tainting” the name of the nexus.

  • Andrewkim

    I have issues with a little different. Definitely galaxy nexus has issues with switching to wifi
    at 4G network. It works fine switching to wifi at 3G network. I went to the Verizonwireless store
    and one of them said he had the same problem. He said there might be pushing out the new software.

  • In Los Angeles, CA.  Tested Nexus in Verizon Store next to other 4G phones.  Other 4G phones consistently got 15 – 20MB download.  The nexus kept giving 1MB or less download speed.  Tried to force it to 4G but kept dropping out to 3G.  The Nexus had 4.0.2.  

    Hm, what to do.  I don’t want to miss out on the 2GB free data promo but don’t want end up with 3G phone until the fix is out…

  • Dksmith1954

    I live in Central Il and we dont have 4 g yet. My phone is 3g and I am lucky to get 0-2 bars
    My droid x gets 5 bars. I also have waited for this phome like everyone else
    Noticed volume is terrible!! I hope they can fix this soon as I really likd the phone
    Was in a 4 g area and it worked great!!! Anyone else havkng this problem??

    • Did you upgrade to 4.0.2?  If you didn’t, you may be the lucky one not experiencing slow 4G speed.

  • Alan

    Signal For 3g is half or less what I had with the original droid (4g not available in my area). Not sure what to do, GN is outstanding phone on wireless connection but not sure how much value it will be on 3g. I sure hope this is fixed ASAP.

    • Anonymous

      There’s another article on this site showing Verizon Support’s acknowledgement of the problem and that a fix is in the works. 🙂

      • Alan

        Excellent. Thank you.

  • Alan

    I am also having another problem. Sure would appreciate feedback if anyone else has this problem. Once I updated the gn, I lost all my chrome short cuts on my computer. I did notice my computer chrome shortcuts showed up in my phone shortcuts, but they show empty there also…The folders are still there but empty. Had many years of shortcuts in there.

  • Ca_solutions

    I am having the same type of issues with the signal.  Good to hear that it is a software fix and one should be on the way.  Thanks for the info.

  • Magnetron-V

    Signal problems here as well. Contacted support 3 times they acknowledged the problem and have no solution. I will likely return this phone next week.

    • I will stop by my local verizon store in a few hours, i need a new sim card since I needed a phone that works and by reactivating my droid X it nixed out my SIM card. If I still have issues after this, I am going to tell verizon to cancel my upgrade, and send it back. The wifi bug is horrendous enough.

  • Az_one

    Just got my Verizon Nexus last night.  Updated to 4.02 as I walked out of the store.  It will connect weakly to 4G for about 3 minutes after reboot then forever drops into 3G.  This morning I wake up to find that I have no signal at all.  Waited a long time for this phone.  Very disappointed.  

  • Bobfrealy

    GN 4.0.2 in Salt Lake City area. full wifi. 0-2 bars 4g.

  • Fanny

    I did the update to ICS two days ago (on Nexus S), and the first day, my phone was completely useless: No Internet connection, unable to make phone calls or send texts, nothing was working! Then I decided to do a factory reset (with the option of keeping the apps I had), and now everything is fixed. I lost a bit of data, but not much.

    • Alan

      What would I lose doing the factory reset. I now have everything setup, hate to lose anything.

  • None

    Got my phone Monday afternoon.  Wednesday morning I have no Data.  Tried toggling Airplane Mode.  Tried Cycling power.  Broken.  Okay for one day after the 4.0.2 update..

  • Richard

    Just purchased Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Signal strength is terrible. On my Droid-X i used to get 4 bars, now I get no bars to 1 bar at best! I am running Android 4.0.2! Hope they fix the software problem soon!

  • Tweety1357

    I live in an LTE city and i dont even get 3G OR any data connection!

  • Rob

    Outside of Philly I always had 4G on my HTC Thunderbolt, not I dont have 4G ever. WTF!

  • Orin Herndon

    My 3G, 4G, and WiFi has been working fine** since the 4.0.2 update a couple of days ago… until today.  Woke up this morning with no 3G/4G.  I disabled a couple of apps just in case, rebooted twice, still nothing.  I turned on WiFi and suddenly 3G popped up.  Turned off WiFi and 3G dropped off (gray signal indicator).  Turned on WiFi and 3G came back up.  Rebooted again and nothing changed.  I toggled WiFi a couple more times just to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and 3G followed suit.  I finally left WiFi on and walked away from my phone.  A little while later I checked it out and there was a weak 4G signal.  I turned off WiFi and 4G remained.  Very strange indeed.

    ** According to the Verizon coverage map, I live on the edge of a strong 4G zone. My Verizon 4G MiFi consistently gets 15-20 Mbps download and 5-8 Mbps upload, sitting on my desk.  Running the same speed test, my GN averages 10 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload anywhere in the house, whenever it is on 4G.  It also flips back and forth from 3G to 4G quite frequently.

  • daniel.l.miller1

    I keep losing 3G signal on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon.  It will work fine for a while, and then stop.  The phone is running Android version 4.0.2.

  • david

    idk if anyone is having this same issue, mines seems to have bad signal too, the signal ranges between -112dbm & -120dbm and ppl can barely hear me talking, say im cutting in and out or that i sound too low or that im breaking up, the signal is this bad every single phone call. is anyone else having bad signal in that sense? not just data

  • jimbo

    “phone” connections are poor with 3G.. dropped, or can’t hear or talk,  poor quality, Not a happy camper.

  • Google hates me

    with the droid X2 i always had 1 or two bars of service at home, and only very seldom had dropped calls, (maybe 1 in 10 calls would get dropped, but after a few minutes). With the galaxy nexus, i get no bars at home, and I either cannot make a call or if a call comes though it is dropped withing a few seconds. Seriously thinking about exchanging phone with droid razor.
    Seriously Google, WTF? why do you screw all the people who want the pure google phone.
    I went through the same crap with the nexus 4g on sprint. Finally got rid of it because of the crappy signal….

  • Eagle

    I upgrade from the Droid Eris from HTC to the Galaxy Nexus and I never had signal problems on the Eris at home but I had to turn on Wifi at home to use my Galaxy Nexus because of no signal 3G or 4G.  Not sure this was such a good purchase, after all the hype.

  • Alan

    Not having a problem with my gn so far. No dropped calls. Reasonable call quality. Reception not a problem at 3G, though the bars show lower. I have had the phone since the day it was launched. Overall I think this is an excellent phone. Prior the this phone I had the droid 1 for over two years.

  • CelebrateReason

    This has been my experience to comparing my GNex with and a Charge and Thunderboldt using Open SignalMaps….there is a signal strength issue. 
    I can only get 4G at my house if I go upstairs (better line of site to the nearest tower). I previous had the Charge, it was weak also but I frequently had 4G in the whole house. Another member of the household has the Thunderbolt and consistently has 4G anywhere in the house with very few drop outs.

  • gene

    My connection drops sporadically. No 4G-all gray bars-does not even kick to 3G. Lasts from 5-15 minutes before restoring.

  • tim

    I am having similar problems. Toggling airplane mode doesnt help, and i have to power cycle. An update in january is supposed to address these issues. If you can wait to buy the device then, see if these are resolved before you purchase. Otherwise i’d go with something else. I waited a long time this phone and for the first time find myself considering an iphone now. Besides, the verizon galaxy will not support google wallet, which had been one of the reasons i wanted it in the first place.

  • MDB

    I am just outside Columbia, MD near Clarksville.  I just got the phone Dec 22 and very disappointed on the following points:

    . Signal rarely has one bar and 3G only. Prior to 4.02 seemed better.  I know the number of bars displayed may be seperate issue but when Google doesn’t load its connection error. Reception consistently shows -115-124dbM and that ain’t good.  Inlaw’s Bionic showed -90dbM right alongside.
    . Battery life is atrocius and I assume this is due to searching for reception.  Down to 60% in less than 2 hours with little usage.   I have Juicer app and have turned off GPS, 4G, Google +, all turned off. I am on vacation and still under 14 days.  IF this isn’t fixed by Jan 1 and ready for business, back it goes.
    .  Switching to/from landscape mode.  The delay is very annoying.  Should be much quicker and I hear a patch to fix this feature.

    Very disappointed since I intentionally avoided the Bionic after the LONG DELAYs and now the SAMSUNG which is supposed to be the IPHONE killler has these issues.

  • Aren

    Same here.. Also verizon nexus (android 4.0.2) keeps dropping 3g. I’m not in a 4g area so I can only talk about 3g. I loose signal all the time. Had to reboot the phone about 5 times already today because of it… pretty frustrating. I initially thought it may have something todo with juicedefender. My coworkers have droidx phones and they do not have this issue.

  • Ilovemonkeytron101

    I lost my whole wi-fi and stuff… Can’t get it back up.. Paying my bills and everything so that can’t be it.. just got the phone a couple days age :((

  • Aren

    Okay.. At this point i think it is the batterysaver apps that make this happen. I disabled all batterysavers (Juicedefenders) and seem to have a steady 3g connection.

  • DrJRDonaldson

    Verizon cell signal in Monterey county is superb, but my Nexus doesn’t seem to be able to use it. My Moto Global, the phone that the Nexus replaced, is a pain to operate, but it NEVER dropped a call and no one ever complained to me about the transmission of voice. 
    On the other hand, my Nexus, if not garbling my voice transmission (often described by my staff as “scratchy”) and making it often impossible for the person receiving my call to accurately understand the numbers I say, it drops the call completely!  Now, I have read scores of complaints and explanations as to why there is or is not a signal issue, but I can attest to the fact that it has significantly inferior reception compared to my Moto Global.

  • DrJRDonaldson

    Verizon cell signal in Monterey county is superb, but my Nexus doesn’t seem to be able to use it. My Moto Global, the phone that the Nexus replaced, is a pain to operate, but it NEVER dropped a call and no one ever complained to me about the transmission of voice. 
    On the other hand, my Nexus, if not garbling my voice transmission (often described by my staff as “scratchy”) and making it often impossible for the person receiving my call to accurately understand the numbers I say, it drops the call completely!  Now, I have read scores of complaints and explanations as to why there is or is not a signal issue, but I can attest to the fact that it has significantly inferior reception compared to my Moto Global.

  • Steve

    your holding it wrong

    • Anonymous

      Lol! Ouch!

  • jerry12

    Well i was thinking about getting this phone but after reading all these post my BlackBerry Bold 9930 looks better to me.

  • Jae

    Hello fellow Verizon Galaxy Nexus users. I’m not as tech savvy as some people on here, but I have a problem that is a bit of an issue for me… I can’t seem to get connected with the internet outside of wifi hot spots. In other words, I NEED to be connected to wireless internet to be able to connect. This is a MAJOR ISSUE for me. Is anyone having the same problem???? Is this the same “signal” problem that everyone else has? 

    Advice and/or comments are much appreciated!Thank you!

  • Xfriend86

    yes im having an issue too here in Colorado Denver Zip code 80231 all similar one discussed above and the stores they deny the issue they say ohhh the phone is working in our store so they make you feel like your lying to them, which is true for some reason you can see 4 bars in there stores….

  • Advarcon

    I live in Columbia SC and I am having the same problem. Phone looks nice and all, but I get 1 bar if I am lucky. Downtown I got a whopping three bars.

  • Windy City

    one bar at best here in San Antonio (4G).  also having issues w apps stopping and closing. 

  • Slabman1

    Yes, i’m having slow speeds and no signal where other VZ phones have a signal.

  • I am having the 4g cycle bug as well as serious battery issues.  Watching a video stored on the phone (not even using 4g) is taking 1% of battery every minute!!!

  • joe

    I have had the problem and returned the phone thinking it was bad.  Verizon replaced it and that to was bad.  There is a real problem.  I might have to return the second one if they do not come up with a fix.

  • Modernwiringsol

    8 years of perfect call clarity and problem free phone use including several windows phones, three blackberrys and 4 droids, the nexus is a lemon i am so very unhappy with it, six or seven dropped calls daily, a lot of one way audio (other person cant hear me i can hear them) and slower data speeds than my tablet, tested side by side, tablet 1.3MB down 786k up, nexus 213k down and 76k up, might as well have a dial up modem on it, i hate it, miss my bionic already

  • cronzopolis

    I had issues with losing the data connection, 3G and 4G. The signal strength indicators (including Wifi) frequently turned from blue to grey and at that point I would not be able to use data. Calling and texting worked fine, but I could not use any data, not even over wifi. I have read in other forums that this is a bug involving the different authentication schemes for Verizon’s 3G and 4G Networks. The phone will often mismanage the hand-off between the two networks, and as a result Verizon will view the phone as not being authenticated. The phone will periodically attempt to re-authenticate with the network, and will eventually succeed, which is why the data connection will always come back at some point. Switching in and out of Airplane mode is one way to force the phone to attempt to authenticate, so if you do this enough times, you should eventually re-connect.

  • cronzopolis
  • Hollyb

    I am on the eve of returning my 2nd Nexus.  I have spoken several times with Verizon phone tech support as well as local support staff in my area store.  I can not wait for Verizon/Samsung to determine a continuing problem exists and give us a fix.  Particularly the call issue.  I am so tired of having my phone calls end as a result of the other person suddenly not hearing me (or having me sound robotic or garbled).  At least twice a day I have to hang up and call them back.  The internet connection is also an issue.  I don’t care how many bars the screen shows, as long as I have physical connection (especially in areas I have always had signal with my old Droid).  I did get the larger battery which as definately helped.  I can at least make it through the day now without heavy use.  I would recommend that you get it if you are thinking of holding out for updates.  Verizon currently has them 50% off ($25).  The Otter box fits with the extended battery.  I love the features on the Nexus and it’s potential. But, for me, I must have consistant phone clarity and more reliable internet.

    • Anonymous

      I have had this exact issue, more so than data connectivity issues. At least once or twice a day I will be on the phone and the person on the other end can not hear me though I can hear them fine. I considered exchanging it thinking the unit was faulty. It sounds like I am not the only one having this issue!

  • Tcwoodie

    yes , signal is bad, error network all the time, low volume, can hardly hear gps, dont buy this phone…

  • Sharifalkamal

    I am using the model GT-S5360 and frequently getting the response “call not sent”. This is frustrating and should be fixed by SAMSUNG if they are serious about competing with iPhone. I do not wish SAMSUNG to go the BLACKBERRY way.

  • I’;ve had this phone since last Wednesday, and have had nothing but problems.  the look and big screen are perfect; however the performance is the worst I’ve ever had of any Verizon Wireless Phone.  Really disappointed.  Ready to trade it in for an IPHONE…

  • I”ve been a customer for over 12 years with 6 accounts…

  • Lucas sniderman

    Im having ongoing signal issues and i payed way too much for this phone to have this problem.

    • Flamn24

      me too and mine was free

  • Kenshimer

    I also have this problem, any media that when not on WIFI it constantly stops,because I only get 2 bars of signal strength, while my wife on her iphone 4 has no problem even on her 3g network, very frustrating!

  • Brownhersh

    I have the problem too.  I cannot send text messages either sometimes.  I have to pull the battery.  It works for a minute or two then I lose signal.

  • Logic

    The problem isn’t Samsung or even the Android software. It is the bloat ware that Verizon put on it. I bought the unlocked Galaxy Nexus from Europe (GSM version) and I have not experienced any signal loss such as you guys. There are 3 other guys at work who bought the European GSM version and none of them have complained of this issue either. 

    Get off Verizon and your signal will improve … not to mention the extra money you’ll save each month!! =]

    • RAY

      If it is “Verizon’s bloat ware,” then Sprint does the same thing! I have the Nexus S 4G with ALL of  the same problems I have been reading about from all of you unsatisfied customers. My phone worked good for 4 months until my new update 4.0.4 was added last week….now dropped calls, grey bars to no bars, no 3G, clicking, etc. Has anyone out there had this problem?

  • Paulie140

    Same problem. Verizon still acting like they’ve not heard of this issue!!! Infuriating!
    Going back to the HTC Rezound!

  • Sad Panda

    I’m also having the problem, hence my journey to this page.  Upsetting as my phone was amazing for the first few days.

  • Tuntunhawaii

    My husband and I both have the Galaxy Nexus.  We love the phone with exception to the signal  loss (which usually discharges my battery as it continues to search for a signal), we actually really like the phone.  We hope this is addressed soon or we may be looking at a different phone.

  • Tuntunhawaii

    My husband and I both have the Galaxy Nexus.  We love the phone with exception to the signal  loss (which usually discharges my battery as it continues to search for a signal), we actually really like the phone.  We hope this is addressed soon or we may be looking at a different phone.

  • Matthew Sand

    I would recommend contacting the Samsung Chat Support team
    go to Contact Support and click on Live Chat – request for a manager to have
    this issue escalated, however Samsung is acting as if they don’t know this
    issue is out there.

  • Mike

    I bought galaxy nexus last week and experienced network issues including wifi. I compared the signal stregth with iPhone 4s, and that always showed all bars. I exchanged to a another galaxy nexus and that is giving me more connection problems. Android s/w is cool and hard to give up. Hopefully it software issue and get a new update soon.

  • Plrommyo34

    My thunderbolt is pulling three bars of 4G service at 22mbs. My pretty
    New Nexus Galaxy has 1 bar of 3G. Going to go back to the store tomorrow and demand a Rezoynd

  • Sure you’re not referring to the NexusS 4G, the last ‘Nexus’ phone Google put out 8 months ago? Same thing with that one.
    I have it and like it but with the signal issues and the horrible speaker volume Google is making me a Nokia/WP7 customer more every day.

  • Scott

    The Galaxy Nexus has serious signal issues. While camping my daughter had the Razr and her internet and data where working very well with 2 to 4 bars signal strength at all times. My wife and I had two new Galaxy Nexus phones and had no internet, no data and no bars. While in a local town my daughter had 5 bars, internet, and data. My wife and I had two bars, no internet, and no data. As an investor data is paramount, and the Nexus has serious issues if you aren’t living in a very high signal strength area. I explained the issue to verizon and received the run around about signal strength coverage areas, different chips, and additional nonsense. Unfortunately for Verizon I had access to my daughters Razr which functioned without issue. As an x-tech for Grumman Aerospace I know a signal issues when I see it. Verizon has a disaster on their hands since the issue does not seem to be software resolvable.     

  • PBA21

    I just got my Galaxy Nexus yesterday and wished I had known about the issue before I purchased. My phone is basically useless – can’t make or receive phone calls or send/receive texts from my house. I will likely trade this back in for a different phone in the coming days. What a pile of crap.

  • Kellyarens

    Had horrible experience with this phone.  While the ICS updates are great, the phone could not make or receive calls consistently.  This really wasn’t a signal issue, but rather a connection issue.  I could hear the other person, but they could only hear clicking sounds.  I was sent a new phone, same problem, sent a new SIM card, same problem.  After two phones and two SIM cards with the same problems I finally traded for a Droid RAZR.  While I miss the ICS, I hope the update to ICS on the RAZR doesn’t turn my phone into a useless phone again.  While I was having this problem, I was able to find many others with the same issue.  No consistent information on a fix as Verizon only admits part of the time that it is a problem.  The Nexus could have been a great phone, but waaaaay to many major bugs.

  • Borat

    Horrible connection issue, sometimes no bar at all in downtown , you have to turn off and on the phone. I’m going to sell this phone on eBay and use my old Nexus one back

  • SJ

    I usually have just one bar…. Do I go back to At&T?

  • Jlrykoman

    Glad I found these comments. Fighting Galaxy nexus for over a month. lost reception, dropped calls, never over 2 bars, no internet connection, losy battery life, low volume on ringer, # * and voicemail signals not sent correctly for voicemail. Family I phone and older phones get reception in room and mine doesn’t.
    Back to Costco for exchange. Loosing business and patience. 

  • Loriedroid

    Oh my gosh I could have written that last post Jlrykoman!  I already exchanged it once at Costco. Not sure what to do!  I love the phone but am having all the same issues.  Can’t afford to have dropped calls all the time. What do I get in it’s place???? I got rid of my droid even though it was perfectly fine. So disappointed. . .

  • Cjrodriguez100

    Yes i am i have the razr and the nexus and my razr signal is way stronger

  • Isotope2007

    my HCT galaxy is constantly losing the signal, it happens daily and in my opinion its a complete piece of cr*p

  • Isotope2007

    When it loses the signal you cant reset it, you have to remove the battery while its still turned on, wait a minute and put the battery back in and it seems to reboot the system – works most of the time

  • Fishengirl

    i was having the same problem. I called Verizon tech support. He had me pull the SIM card and replace it. So far it has been working fine since.

    • Kellyarens40

      Hope that works for you, two SIM cards and two phones later I ended up giving up and switching to the RAZR.

  • Loriedroid

    One other thing. I couldn’t get my voicemail messages. It kept telling me that my password was  wrong.  Spent hours with tech support at Verizon. They turned me over to Samsung who immediately told me that they had nothing to do with it since I could make calls. Went back to Verizon and they had to put me through to a higher tech support and the woman simply told me the exact reason for the problem like it was common knowledge.  The key pad tones from the Galaxy Nexus echo and it confuses the voice mail system so I had to turn off the key pad touch tones and it seems to work now.  She said to keep checking back to make sure my phone gets the update.  Samsung and Verizon are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.

  • UnhappyDroid:(

    I just upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus two weeks ago and it has some major issues.  It randomly crashes in the middle of a phone call, and other times while it’s not in use (just sitting on the counter).  The screen shuts off temporarily, and then reboots itself.  The first couple of times this happened, I didn’t overreact as I seemed to get my signal back fairly quickly.  But a few days ago, my phone shut down completely and showed no signs of life for several hours.  This might have been due to a network fail through my phone provider (I’m with FIDO), but tonight, it has happened again.  My phone died in the middle of a phone call, and then immediately rebooted.  This time, however, it lost data, including my programed voicemail number, my mobile data usage information, and now it says “NO SERVICE” on my home screen.  I can access my email and mobile data, but I can’t make a simple phone call as it says I need to turn off “airplane mode” first.  When I check my settings, “airplane mode” IS turned “off”.  I’ve tried toggling the airplane mode hoping my phone will understand that it is turned off, but it seems to think it’s on no matter what I try to do.  Any suggestions???  Maybe I should just return the nexus and get something different, like the RAZR???  Help!

  • HopsIz4life

    This is my third day with this phone. The wifi signal is horrible. My mother has an Iphone 4 and in the same room RIGHT beside each other, her phone has significantly more service. I never have more than two bars even right next to my router. I was wondering what was going on so I decided to research the issue. Thats how I found this. What do we have to do to fix this issue. I may have to return my phone if I can’t find a solution in the next 11 days. (return option expires)

  • Rob

    All Samsung Nexus receive weak signal. You can check them in the store or against any phone. Just go to about phone and look at signal strength compared to another phone. If you are not next to a tower the Nexus will be at least 20% lower signal. If you have one take it back to make them fix the problem. This was a big miss and Verizon/Samsung should take back product or warn consumers. I see a class action lawsuit coming…

  • Corwin Parks

    I started noticing these problems a week ago. I thought it was due to possible water damage after a spill which led to GN slightly getting wet with virtually no water on the in side. As we all know that when the strip inside the phone changes color,  you have to call Asurion. 

    I did just that only to receive a replacement with the same connectivity issues. I ended up being on the phone with VZW customer service for hours as well as Asurion’s customer service. All of them claimed that I was crazy and or just trying to get a  new phone and or creating a false claim. I just received my second replacement and installed my 3rd sim card. Did I see an improvement? Nope. same old connectivity bs. Looks like I’m just going to have to pony up the money and buy a Razr Maxx. 

    Also I called Samsung mobile where a Rep confirmed this as a nation wide issue. He also said that the 4.0.3 update is not to fix the actual connectivity problem but to better display the poor signal you are getting. Nothing to do with battery fixes either… 
    Finally after my second replacement through Asurion, they decided to send out a Droid Bionic in place of the GN. Which is not a bad thing as I “upgraded” to the GN from the Bionic. Good luck fellow GN owners and if you are in the midst of your 14 day grace period, get out while you still can…

  • mrk

    My gf has the razer max and she will have 2 or 3bars of 4g and i will have nothing. Or when she has 3g i will have maybe 1 bar of crap. Most of the time it will be grey bars like now. So far not impresed.

  • Hollistergrl321

    Looks are so decieving for this phone it looks like a bomb ass phone but works like a piece of shit and so is Verizon I dk why they haven’t fixed this crappy service! I heard T-Mobile fixed this issue quick wtf is up with Verizon!!! I wish I could return this low quality phone!! Any suggestions??

  • AJ

    GNX is the most frustrating phone I’ve ever owned. I happily gave up my iPhone and fell in love with my Nexus One. My GNX (and the replacement GNX) are going back to Verizon in exchange for an iPhone 4s. (sigh)

  • Jimbob

    Just had to have my phone replaced by Verizon.  The new phone is on it’s way.  My phone was working fine for the first six weeks, and this morning, then – BAM, all gray bars – no blue bars – no connectivity.  On the phone with customer service for over an hour and they could not fix it.  I had another Verizon customer with an iphone sitting two feet from me – no connectivity problems at all.  I sure hope the new phone is working fine.  So far I am disappointed with Samsung, especially after reading the posts on here……

  • Dave O

    My experience has sucked since I bought it a month ago.  Where I used to have good service I have none.  My daughter and I were at a park and ride and she was talking away on her new i-phone (That loses calls left and right in downtown San Francisco) and I had NADA.   Just got off the phone with Verizon and they are pushing a new PRL code.  I have to drive out the road to get service (Or what used to be service) and get the new PRL.   I’m keeping my darn fingers crossed.

  • Redhat

    I have a similar problem with my 2 weeks old GNX. it was fine at the beginning but the wifi signal strength keep dropping, now I only have 2 bar when I sit 2 meters away from my belkin router.

  • Dave O

    PRL Did NADA and I spoke with a verizon agent about swapping my phone.  She told me I could Buy a new phone and that there was nothing she could do.   Used the words “better business bureau” and asked for a supervisor.  Got a Dude who was cool and understood those words and transferred  me to a tier two tech who told me to switch my phone to 3G and leave it until a “NEW UPGRADE” arrives hopefully near the end of this month.  One of the key elements is an antenna fix for our phones so look for build 4.0.4 and then switch back to 4G (LTE / CDMA) under preferred network mode.  He assures me this is not to just fix the damn display of signal strength but to actually fix the phone.  I was amazed that he admitted there was a problem as you NEVER hear them utter those words.   I will post again once the update hits.

  • Patdavis88

    I have had my nexus for less than 24 hours and have had a signal for maybe 8 hours.  It makes the phone a complete waste of money and time.

  • Isafe

    I bought my Nexus yesterday and the signal goes from not at all to 3G then 4G, then nothing at all again. Sometimes it takes a while for text and emails to be sent. I am getting so frustrated…..

  • Tr

    I have the same issues like everyone else. I talk to a version rep and she told me hat version knows about this ans will be sending out an software update sometime next week.

  • Aasd asd

    My Nexus has had problems with signal from day one. No data, or hanging in airplane mode. dropping 4g or even 3g. I also have a droid x and it never drops 3g.

  • Poopkid

    definitely having some signal problems. always dropping into no service

  • Jwhyte

    Exactly the same problem here.  Brand new (one week old), and unless i connect to my home wifi, there is no data access.  My T-Mobile Galaxy S still no problems.  Perhaps its a Verizon issue?

    • Shimjaehwa

      I just talked to a government rep/IT person. He told me that Wifi and the “data network” cancel each other out. If you’re in a wifi hotspot only use wifi and disable your data. If there is no wifi disable it and activate the data network. I’m also supposed to chart when my data network completely shuts down on me so I can tell him on Monday…He seems nice enough, but I left 3 horrible surveys when I had to call in for Tech help. lol. Hopefully things will get better.

  • Loriedroid

    Does anybody know what the android version should be on our phones?  Mine shows 4.0.2 and when I go to system updates it says it’s up to date but someone on these posts mentioned 4.0.3? Was talking with Verizon rep on my Nexus about another phone and right in the middle of the conversation . . . click, click, click, “hello” “hello” and I’m screaming “hello”, “can you hear me”? disconnect.

  • it really sucks. Since i bought GN 2month ago I got stressed out. In a day about 10times or more My Gn dropped call or no signal. My wife has Droid CHARGE, that works great… I really envy her. when can Verizon upgrade system 4.0.4?

  • Mshouers

    most definitely having Signal issues

  • Mshouers

    Rebooting the phone does help a little

  • TorQue FraeK

    I Have Had My GN For About 4 Days and 0 total data usage sad IT is my First DrOid and I wuz a IPhoNE FOR ABOUT 3 Years

  • TorQue FraeK

    I Have Had My GN For About 4 Days and 0 total data usage sad IT is my First DrOid and I wuz a IPhoNE FOR ABOUT 3 Years

  • Jbrock

    I just bought the phone and it’s supposed to be here on Wednesday, hope I didn’t make a mistake.

  • Z man

    I too am having problems.  Bought two of the Galaxy Nexus phones about two weeks ago. The phone my wife uses works fine. Then I noticed poor reception. Her phone gets 4g with 4 blue bars and I get NO g’s with an occasional 1 or two bars with both of them setting side by side!
    Got mine through Sams Club.  I returned the phone for another one.  It too has the signal problem.  I’m sending it back for a third phone and will see if it works better?  Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Z man

  • Josemagana1137

    I had the Razr and i regret gettin this phone now!!!!!
    I had so much faith on Samsung phones….
    Mine is always over heating even if im not downloading anything…
    I charge it over night and it is still not charged by th morning!!!!
    Shuts off on me randomly during the day…
    Its a piece of crap!!! I do NOT recomment this junk!

  • Jkbecasen

    My network cuts out at least 4 times a day. It’s quite annoying. NO ONE likes hearing the solution to a tech problem to be “restart/power cycle” your phone. I heard the GN patch was supposed to be here January…

  • Tim

    I just brought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The phone operated great for about ten days and ever since then it’s been a piece of “GARBAGE”. This phone couldn’t hold a signal if it’s life depended on it!  If you want a phone that drops your signal every 20 minutes then buy it and remember I warned you before you bought it. Thank goodness for the 30 day return policy. 


  • Prady

    Do not buy this POS! Dont get me wrong, the machine itself is awesome, coolest one in the market. But you need good signal with a good machine, isn’t it? I switched to Verizon just for this phone and one week was more than enough trouble for me. The signal breaks constantly leaving the battery needing power every 3-4 hours. One day I did not have any signal (V+D) for about and hour and you know the surprising thing, my colleague had decent signal the whole time on a Droid. Called CS and they accepted the fact that there are issues with the phone. So I got it replaced.

  • badnexus

    why not fix the radio and later all  the other things so it works as a phone first.It is a Phone right.

  • Sonoftherevolution

    I lose complete network connection, both calls and data, when charging. I took phone back to Costco today and they gave me a new one. Charged it…sure enough complete loss and had to reboot phone. I sometime have the data loss which usually picks up in a few seconds. I can deal with that. I just can’t deal with complete network loss until I reboot. Anyone else with the same issue?

  • Richlong7997

    Im for sure having signal issues. In my home which is very well covered by verizon i might get 2 bars while my wifes razr gets full bars

  • I wanted this phone so badly, but ever since I bought it, I have had serious signal issues…and it’s not just data.  I can barely use it to make calls.  It’s embarrassing.  This weekend, I was in my apartment with zero signal while a friend of mine with an iPhone was sitting next to me and had four bars. Biggest waste of my money ever. I seriously regret giving up my iPhone for this POS.

  • Kellyarens

    I have been following this discussion for some time now along with a few others that are similar.  I am sooo glad that I jumped ship from this phone months ago, since clearly the problmes still are not fixed.  I could barely make calls with the phone without the audio going out.  That was a deal breaker for me.  After two GS’s and two sim cards I finally gave up and went with the RAZR.

  • Sonoftherevolution

    Well I exchanged my Galaxy for a brand new one at Costco yesterday hoping for better performance.  Well what a disappointment.  Got home plugged it in and when I checked the phone 30 minutes later no signal at all.  Called Verizon and the tech guys said there are signal issues with the phone (not just the display on the phone) and that there should be an update scheduled early this month.  He told be flat out that it probably will be more like the middle of next month for the release.  I activated my trusty DX and will use that until some serious bugs are ironed out.  Galaxy is going back to costco tomorrow.

  • Isafe

    I set my Galaxy to 3G and it seems to be working pretty well since…..Do you think I should keep it or return it. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Gvanack

      I’ve done the same and I agree it works fairly well for a 3g phone being as the 4g is completely unreliable.
      Waiting patiently for the OTA hoping it will solve the 4g issues.
      Not a rooter or flasher as I could brick a brick with little or no effort.

  • Bob

    WTF? This is still an issue for me. My iPhone from 4 years ago had this problem but it was fixed. Make a good phone that works or quit your job you fucking losers. Android developers are the new Microsoft douche bags.

  • Alriv688

    Got this phone yesterday and i might as well gone with Cricket, Metro PCS, Boost Mobile or T-Mobile. The signal sucks. Cant hold a conversation without it losing signal and having to wait a while to be able to call back. CS had me go thru their usual drills. Worked for about 30m and then went back to losing signal again. Its obvious that theres a problem when so many people are complaining about the same thing. Dont understand why Verizon simply isnt up front and admit that there is a problem and not waste our time pussy-footing with making us remove sim cards and do resets. Bad business for those of us who have been loyal this entire time.

  • Markus Hundley

    I pruchased the galaxy nexus two days ago and have had continuous problems.with connectivity. I constantly lose service and usually have to power cycle the phone to restore service which I have done up to ten times a day! I spoke to verizon about this problem and they said it was a known issue( a fact that would have been appreciated before I bought the phone) and that a software update was upcoming that would fix the problem. However in doing research it seems that the software fix is only meant to adjust the service bars to more closely match other lte phones. My problem is COMPLETE loss of service and I seriously doubt adjusting the bars is going to do anything at all to help. Any opinions on the software update? Or should I be looking for a new phone?

    • Sushisan248

      Mark us…don’t waste your time…get another phone. See my post further up on the list, RE: my SGN woes.

  • Nursebrent

    I have had one way voicing, dropped calls, and poor signal strength on 5 separate galaxy nexus phones. Customer support elevated the issue to level 3 technicians only to find out that it is not a problem with the network. I have been told by various verizon reps that a software patch is coming and then others have said they do not know what I’m talking about. Pathetic…..

  • Jhildebrandt

    I am having major issues. I contacted Verizon Customer Support and they gave me a three month credit while they wait for a patch from google that will fix the software problem. Very frustrating. I have turned off the 4g on my device as it is to unreliable when it is on. I hope they fix this soon!!

  • Ja1

    Wow! Wish I would have saw this story before I bought two of these phones last night. Mine worked right up until I got it home and plugged it in. That is when the 4.02 update took place and I have had less than 5 to 10 minutes combined 4G or 3G service since. Text messages will not send, and resend them and the device politely waits the 5 minutes till it has a service window and then fires off the text message… it is almost comical if it was so critical to my businesses and my life in general. Replaced an aging pair of Droid Xs for these phones and it never once dropped a call. Now I can’t even finish dialing the phone before the service drops. Verizon, this makes you look real bad. Samsung, I can only say this is about what I expected from you.

  • Davem

    Phone will not hold signal in Phoenix metro area.  Hangs in 3 G  disconnects and connects every 3 to 5 minutes.  Phone sucks


  • Ja1

    @Carlos Flores Thanks for the thoughts. I also had number 3 on your list, “No Signal At All”. but only on one of the phones that I had purchased. I was afraid that what I was seeing was the software issue that everyone is discussing. Since I had just purchased I took the problematic phone back and had it replaced. Everything is working great now. Thanks again.


    yeah my signals goes up and down. sometimes it’ll pop up saying “network error, please check network”

  • Irakarnofsky

    All comments relating to signal issues are correct
    This phone continually drops internet searches, video streaming and has issues obtainining and sending emails. Verizon says these phones do not have this issue so i guess all those who have this problem must be wronj. I do not think so. I think that the only way for Verizon to fix this problem will require them to replace all of this model phone with a new model of this phone. I bet Verizon will not cite this is the true fix for this problem.

  • Leonastr

    I have an android htc incredible, my music and photos keep on disappearing. anyone have any advice on what to do?

  • Kaclock

    I’m having these same data loss issues as well as reboots when streaming Pandora. The data loss is the biggest frustration though. I am on my second GNex from Costco. I have left this phone completely stock and having the same issues. I really want to keep this phone, but if an OTA doesn’t come out soon to fix these issues I’ll be exchanging for a RAZR or something else.

  • Tkddruid

    I have had tremendously poor CDMA signal (not 3g) on all 3 of my GNex phones.  I am probably going back to my DX until 05 comes out, to see if it irons out the issues.  If not, it’s Razr Maxx for me.

  • Kevin R Jacquard

    The easiest way to describe my experience with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is disappointed. I have owned my Samsung GN for 2 months and have experienced loss of both 3g and Wi-Fi connections on a daily basis, specifically 7 to 10 times a day with no rhyme or reason for the loss (driving down the road, at home, in the office in the middle of conversations), the loss of the 3g network is almost always followed by a spontaneous reboot again occurring 7 – 10 times a day and at times a reboot is followed by yet another reboot. At first I was willing to chalk this up to a bad unit until I started browsing forums and found I was not unique. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus as a package is a great phone but the instability of the phone has made this by far the worst Samsung product I have owned.

  • Cozzarellij

    I to am disappointed with the reception. I gave my wife the 4S to get the Galaxy Nexus and wish I had kept it. The 4s reception is significantly better. I drop far more calls and often have to borrow her phone in low signal areas. Come on samsung you can do better. Also with the wifi on the phone is a pocket warmer and eats your battery in a matter of hours.

  • AlphaRider

    This phone cannot even last for 4 hours on original battery! I can’t even consider the original battery to be a viable option for use.  Perhaps update 4.0.4 can address this issue but highly doubt it

    End up I have to to use an extended battery to lengthen the power life of this phone.  So far the Qcell extended battery last me through a day which is an acceptable usage for me

  • Mumtaznoore

    Yes I have purchase before one week. And having same problem from the start.

  • Richard

    Yes, I have problems with my Nexus.  It is much slower than the Razr when I test them side by side.  Not a problem when there is a strong signal, but with a weak signal, the Nexus is much slower than the Razr.

  • Hkerry38

    I have this problem with no signal. What the hell is wrong with this. I either have 3 g or it sits in the grey signal. I like my phone but this is really pissing me off.

  • Arkriot

    I have had the phone 5 damn days. Already Verizon has troubleshot, replaced phone, and now I am waiting on a new sim to be mailed to me. I hope this fixes the problem becaus the phone its self is pretty sweet. If not however I will be getting a different phone

  • Dave O

    ok folks…. I have posted in here before.  The past two months of dealing with Verizon.  Today they (Tier 2) support admitted that there is an issue and Google and Samsung were working on trying to get to to work properly.   After documenting the nearly 10 calls to Verizon with updates, new SIMS and other tricks, they finally agreed to send me a new Motorola Razor of equal value as I can barely make or get 25% of the calls I used to.  It was nice that they finally bellied up and admitted the issue.   A far cry from my first call when they told me that I could buy another phone.  You think your getting the latest and greatest but your actually taking 10 steps backwards.    I’ll give Verizon kudos but it was a damn hard road.

    Dave O

  • Dr. Mizani

    I ABSOLUTELY HAVE SIGNAL ISSUES. I moved from Thunderbolt to Nexus because of sudden shut downs, but now its worst: I get cut off when I receive an email or a text message while on the phone! Already changed the SIM and unfortunately purchased from “4G Wireless”, which is a Verizon premium retailer… not a good idea at all since all you’ll get from their reps is for you to go to the original store where you bought the phone from (50 miles away), and that they can’t do anything to help you.

    Summary: I’ll exchange the phone for a Razor tomorrow and test it out for a few days. Will also order the Maxx just in case, as I talk a few hours a day. If all fails, I’ll have to go send back my Thunderbolt to Assurion.

    Also – what the hell is the $35 restocking fee all about???? Not cool Verizon… not cool at all >:(

  • Dr. Mizani

    Oh – and horrible battery life. Not even close to Thunderbolt’s stock battery… weird, sad, but true.

  • Dave O

    Got my new Moto Razor that Verizon Fed-X yesterday and it’s working better than anything I have owned.   I drove to all those places I used to get service before I purchased the dang Samsung and instead of the usual “No network available”  I had 3-4 bars and crystal clear service.  To reiterate Verizon replaced by samsung with this Moto Razor free of charge.  You don’t have to live with non-existant or mediocre service.  This was covered by their warranty 33000     Good luck everyone and do what you have to do but get out of that Samsung.


  • No, your name.

    I bought a Nexus fie days ago- immediate signal dropping issues. I got it because I wasn’t happy with the droid bionic as a phone- lots of device issues. I wanted comfortable talking (the bionic hurt my ear after more than a five minute call, as in, the sharp corner just isn’t designed well) and a camera that could auto-focus normally- I take and send people videos of moving devices for work and so the slow autofocus was just intolerable. 

    So I get the nexus (for another $150, of course) rather than razr because I’ve heard good things from people, and the rep says they have less problems with it. Like I said, immediate 4g issues, won’t switch to 3g, so it just drains the battery. Can’t make/receive calls, drop the ones that do get through. I go back to the store the same day, they tell me Verizon is having signal issues in the area (San Francisco) so I say fine, switch to CDMA mode, wait for text update. Comes today- 4g back up in area, turn LTE on, same exact issue. Loses signal for random amounts of time, drains battery, etc.  Extended battery used 40% in two hours after switching back to LTE. I call Verizon (probably the the call in the past few days) they tell me to go to the store and exchange the phone. 
    As of 1.5 hours of new phone, no signal drop BUT lots of toggling between 1 to 3 bars of 4g service. The bionic had none of these issues in the same location. Call quality is been mediocre. I’m thinking about calling Verizon and making them mail me a razr because I have wasted too much time with expensive, NEW mediocre/nonworking phones. Like people here have said- a phone is a phone. I don’t care about streaming video I can’t have a conversation for more than ten minutes without KNOWING it is just a matter of time before I get disconnected.SUMMARY: If you are having drop/signal-loss issues, got get a replacement phone. It “fixed” my main issue, I’m still just not sold on the quality of the device. Thoughts?

  • Arkriot

    Ok here you go guys. I finally got the sim card and of course it didn’t fix the issue. They decided to give me a razor maxx. When there because I didnt have the box it came in they charged me $50. At least I gotta working phone. Poor show verizon poor show…

    • No, your name.

      Get your $50 back. I didn’t bring my box either. SIM swap didn’t do anything for me either- that’s why I got the new phone. 

  • Jonparkinsonmobile

    Ive had terrible signal since buying my Galaxy Nexus. Not happy about it. Verizon had told me theres no problem.

  • Spsmillage

    Have had the phone for a couple of weeks.  No signal in my office, no signal at home, no signal inside most places.  It is a great electronic device but a crappy phone.  This is not a verizon issue as others w/ verizon have a signal when I do not.  Will be replacing

  • einstein

    I have the same issue on wi-fi.  I have iphone4s and samsung nexus. The wi-fi signal receptio in iphone4 is always better than sumsung. 

    If some of you did not pay $35 restocking fee to verizon, could you let me know how? The customer representative reference number or manager name….?  Thank you.

    • Sushisan248

      Einstein, what I have found that works well is to ask for service from a Level 2 tech support person, and then treat them with great respect as you assure them you know they can fix your problem. Every techie I have spoken with at Verizon has been so gracious and willing to accommodate me. I ask if they can comp the restocking fees and/or overnight expedite fees, and have rarely been turned down. I have been very pleased with Verizon’s tech support and services….and. believe me, I have for the last four months spent an average of 2 hrs. a week on the phone with them. I even put them on speed dial. Good luck

  • Ctrodden

    I just finished packing my orignal and my replacement Galaxy Nexus back into the thier boxes for return to verizon. They each had all the same issues listed here. I had such high hopes for this phone too. Shame on Verizon for even selling these units. They know theres an issue and they keep on letting these things get sold. Horrible

    • einstein

      Are you paying $35 restocking fee?

    • Sushisan248

      You better believe it! My exact experience. Am packing up the second and third Nexus replacements when the replacement Razr shows up on Tuesday. Samsung pushed a beta phone on us and I’m tired of being the guinea pig while they take their time with fixes. No more Samsung for me.

  • Budturri

    just got it and signal in and out   verizon gave me another zim card, no work, sent me refurbished phone  no work. asked them for another phone , would not exchange.  still stuck with no sigal or lot of signal,  not happy

  • Sushisan248

    I was so glad to find your info on the signal issues w/ the Nexus. I was sent my 3rd Nexus by Verizon, and still experienced the described signal issues, even with a 1K expensive Wilson signal booster in my home. Tech people at Verizon know nothing about a fix for the fluxuating signal….and I’m weary of the audio alerts telling me I’m in a “dead zone”….when my electrician is standing in the same room with his Verizon Razr in hand receiving a sreaming signal.
    Today I had enough. I love ICS, but there’s no HDMI port on this phone and too many glitches that need to get tweaked before I’ll reconsider it. I had Verizon replace it with the Razr. To Verizon’s credit, I have received first class service from the tech staff through this nightmare, and they have bent over backwards to accommodate me and fix the problem. The phone is the issue here, not the provider.

    • Brenda Lemons

      How did you get Verizon to replace the Samsung with the Razr? They refuse to replace my Samsung except with a refurbished one.

  • Rocky

    oh wow me too when i got my galaxy nexus it worked great and also downloaded stuff off the web i went 2 days before installing 4.0.2 after i did now my galaxy nexus will not download anything off the web even images? Also 3g speed sucks i can only get 1 to 2 bars max at my house my wifes iphone 4s gets better reception my droid x got all 5 bars so i dont understand but 4.0.2 made it a lot worse i hope a upgrade comes soon 🙁 other then that i love it

    • Lone Truth

      DUDE! Punctuation!

  • If you just put the phone in 3G only mode it will stop the fluctuation. thats the only way i can deal with it for now. i love ICS and i love the phone. so i will deal until they have a fix

  • Ka99nielson

    What a bummer. Spent $300.00 on this phone and it drops wi-fi and 3G signal all the time. constantly having to restart downloads and internet. message says i have to be connected to a network. 

  • abafos

    So tired of this phone! Verizon keeps sending me replacement phones and new sim cards I am on my 5th phone just release the update!!!!~!

  • Makidagq22

    Like all of you I had very similar connectivity problem, I read all these review, and decided to take the phone back yesterday (Purchased it last Friday). No one at the store acknowledged any issues with the phone other then poor battery life. I’m getting hit with the $35.00 re-stocking fee, since I did go thru the long process of their trial and error methods that they have tried it other customers. I exchanged if for the Motorola Raza Maxx. It’s a little earlier, but so far I have been keeping 3-4 bars at 4G. And sound clarity was good. Also no drop calls yet. I’ve called Verizon Customer Service, and they said there is only one known issue with this phone, and that has something to do with text messaging. I have a dispute in with the credit department regarding the $35.00 restocking fee. Should know something with-in the next day or so.

  • Semperfimws

    I just recieved my Samsung nexus from Verizon replacing my motorola droid X2 …What a mistake. What a piece of junk. I have at least 6 dropped callls and I have troulble getting any 4 g…..On the phone with Verizon and they did not have a clue….Its going back. How can they sell this phone knowing of the poor reception.

  • Tel

    I have for the past few weeks been having connectivity problems with my Nexus, but I have had the phone for several months and really had little or no problems with it. Yes the thing rarley shows more than a single bar on on the network indicator, but I used to be able to connect 99% of the time even with no bar showing. (Note: I live in a area where there is only 3G available to date.)

    After much trial and error and really no help from Verizon’s tech support. I found that switching the phone from “Auto LTE/CDMA” to CDMA only immediately gave me a connection again using my 3G.
    I hope this helps.

  • Jsnh7076

    I just got it today and the signals been shotty all day. heatmap under battery in the settings has had it mostly in the yellow with occasional peaks into the red and 1 in the green.

  • TYGA

    Have had this phone for about two months, no issues with 3G or WiFi (but I’ve turned LTE off), but even when it shows full 4G reception, whenever I try to connect with it, the 4G drops off and it switches to 3G (slowly of course, so it first says I can’t connect to the internet and eventually it switches to 3G). 
    I’m coming to terms with the hard reality that this should have just been a 3G device. Honestly though, the few times I’ve gotten 4G (with full reception), it wasn’t BLAZINGLY faster than 3G. 3G usually is fast as fuck around where I live (central Jersey) anyway.

  • called verizon, talked with lady in tech support.  She restarted the network for my device and so far for the past 24 hours my phone is working like it should.

  • Rob

    What a peice of shit this samsung is we should all send them back to samsung and tell them to shove them up there arse

  • Disappointed

    I’ve given up on 4G, data just seems to stop flowing even when it shows bars.  So I’ve been using just 3G, but even with 3 bars of that the streaming is poor.  Listening to Pandora (or other music apps) I get a few seconds of the song followed by a few seconds of silence, and that cycle keeps repeating.  I love Ice Cream Sandwich but would definitely not get this phone again because of its poor data streaming. 

  • Lbutcher1212

    I’ve had my Nexus for a few months now.  I had had great signal strength and 4G service most of the time and overall, love the phone………..until a couple of weeks ago.  Then suddenly I noticed that 4G signal strength was getting less and less.  This last week, I rarely have ANY signal; 3G, 4G or roaming.  I spent an hour at a Verizon store last night and even they had no idea.  They had to get on the phone with tech support.  They tried a factory reset and a new sim card.  Nothing worked.  I have a “new” one coming today.  Should be there when I get home.  We’ll see!

  • Robert Oliveira

    Hey folks: I stumbled on this forum while searching for more information to the signal problems with my new SPRINT Galaxy Nexus. After reading through a number of the posts here it would seem that the GN in general has flaws affecting the phone’s signal performance. It would be unlikely that both Sprint & Verizon’s networks are faulty so it’s more likely than not the phone (whether hardware or software, I cannot say). I came from an HTC EVO 4G and I’m appalled at the abysmal signal (voice and data) performance so far. Upon receipt, I couldn’t even get enough of a network connection to activate the phone. I have a call into Sprint HQ for assistance (I usually skip all the middlemen and go right to the CEO), and because I purchased the phone from Amazon Wireless, I have them on notice as well. Sprint will either replace the phone or I’m sending it back and cancelling my contract extension. If that happens, I may be going elsewhere when my original contract expires in July. The only possible solution would be to use a Sprint Airave to get good signal at home, but I’ve also had issues while out and about in areas where my HTC EVO 4G would have no problems. I can’t bring the Airave with me everywhere. Oh well, lesson learned I suppose. What troubles me more than these issues is that Google keep rewarding Samsung with Nexus contracts even though the user community has heavily documented problems with weak radios in these phones.

    I thought of rooting and using CM9 or another customer ROM, but I want to make sure the phone isn’t going back first. 😉

  • It looks such a fantastic device but this signal issue might hurt to the reputation of the phone and the Samsung. Verizon should have fixed the problem soon and do some efforts to improving signal strength.

  • Nate

    I think this is just poor network connection on Verizon’s part.  I have had several phones on Verizon and all of them have had poor signal for me.  


    For those having issues using the 4G [having LTE/CMDA turned on makes signal constantly acquire and then drop, killing the battery very fast], I found the solution. It ies in the OTA 4.0.4 76K build released recently. It hasn’t been pushed to every Verizon Nexus yet, but there are ways to apply it anyways due to it being uploaded to the servers by those who did receive it. No unlocked bootloader or root required. Here’s instructions on how to install. and %5Bsame guy]

    Hope this works for everyone!

  • S Nicholas Mrstark

    my issues (stock) nothing changed were bad 4g radio on phone 1, replaced then reboot 55-10 times a day, replace again then reboots once or twice every 3 days… no basement reception walk out of building 4g step in building front door 1x 3g back and forth, new problem gps signal lost all the time in places i have never lost gps before except where nig hills block skyline and parking ramps and tunnels… should i push for anotjer replacement or just pay full price for iphone 4gs… really stuck on this one.. great 4g speeds in some coverage areas. reduced speed during peak houra… i think radio operation and applications locking up without displayin force close option is fishy and bs, they services need to be altered from the prigina; architecture to prove me that ot is not a intemtional bug… so that way the mechanisms cant be controled by other things paranoid and not as svy as i wld like but find that phone dowsnt notify of updes exce[t for like apps but t hpwthe temprament of phone changes..   i think i am having heap troubles,, shldve sacrificed screen sice for 2gig ram.. npw im stuck q/ tjis phone

  • Frustrated User

    Same issue. Very frustrating.  Loses signal as long as 45 minutes straight. My friend at work has the same phone and service provider, but does not experience these problems.

  • Deathb4decaf

    Not only does it drop 4G but lately it won’t recieve/make phone calls and texts to certain friends of mine. Ive gone into verizon 4-5 times already and Ive called tech support 2 times. Wjhat should I do?

  • Sonny Bowyer

    Ditto ditto ditto. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus worked great for a few days after purchase, then has slipped in reception. I can literally point it at my wireless router and it doesn’t improve it. I almost get excited when I see a single bar. My old Droid X did MUCH better until it got wet and had to be replaced. Restarting helps but only for a little while.

  • Tyler

    I am having this problem as well. It drops from 4g to 3g and then down to nothing. It is very frustrating i want a completely 4g phone. I also do not like the internal storage. It needs a memory card. The usb connection for the car requires wifi for me to play my music. That is the dumbest idea. I am very disappointed with this phone in all aspects.

  • trina

    I have had 3 different samsung nexus phones. All of them have the same issues…no signal. It drops calls. I look at phone after talkn and its in same spot and then has no signal. Cant text or call. Sometimes powering it off and on helps. Other times i have to keep doing it. I hate the phone if its not going to serve main purpose.

  • Yeah, there are really some issues has been discovered with Galaxy Nexus on Verizon network. Apparently, not so good and frustrating moments indeed for Verizon as well as vendors of the smartphone such as Samsung and Android. I hope the issues will be fixed soon.

  • michael

    I just purchased this phone and am also experiencing signal problems. What do I do now?

  • I have face so many time a signal issue while using this mobile phone. Some time I had lost my signal completely, at that time I was so tires about this signal issue. So I have change this mobile phone.

  • tired of this

    I am dropping calles, network and can’t open apps due to dropping the network. I am dropping verizon when my contract expires.Dropping them like their network drops me.

    • Clearly it is your choice how you handle the situation, but the problem is not verizon, its the phone. I switched to a droid razr and no problems at all. Right back to the reliable service that I have always received from Verizon. I also just upgraded my razr to ICS and it continues to work flawlessly.

      • tired of this

        I started with the rezound and had the same issue. I kept on going back to the verizon store and they contacted the warranty center. The warranty center gave me a list of phones to choose from. Nexus was the lesser of evils. I will see if I can get the Razor. I wa told they think it maybe my profile and they are supposed to be resetting the profile as we speak. Let u know how it works out.

      • I have had Verizon for 15+ years and the Nexus was the only phone I ever had that experienced such horrible service. Could not keep a call connected for anything. The problem occured in several states and several places so I do believe it was the phone. It did it in 3G or 4G as well. My razr has worked great and I have no complaints.

  • Krazy Kaller

    I purchased the phone Monday and took it back Tuesday, because the connectivity was so sporadic. I ended up getting a Razr Maxx, but really wanted the Nexus. In 2 hours I had 2 dropped calls and had to repeatedly hit the connection failed retry button to download just a few apps from the market. Prior to getting this phone, I read that quite a number of people were having connection problems. I’ve read similar reviews in the past that have cited a particular phone as having issues I didn’t have when I used the phone myself. You can’t always go by what you hear. In any case, I feel like that my experience with the phone’s problem sure made a believer out of me. Shame to VZW for thinking that by making a phone look good it’ll work better.

  • I’m so far on replacement number 8 of my Galaxy Nexus and my 4G still drops maybe once every 8 to 10 minutes. I’ve experienced the random reboots with every device as well. Verizon has gotten to the point where they’re reluctant to send me a replacement device when I call in. They refuse to cancel my contract without an early termination fee because they are to provide me with “some service.” I don’t pay $200 a month for “some service.” I pay for what I expect is a phone that works, not two phones that drop signal every ten minutes. My girlfriend is afraid to have her phone replaced because, in most cases, they’re replaced with refurbs that are worse. Samsung and Verizon have dropped the ball here, badly, and it’s Google and consumers that suffer as a result.