Yesterday, the extremely popular but silent for the past year Twitter account @DroidLanding woke up and started tweeting. The Verizon branded and ran Twitter account has been used to promote their phones in the past, and many were immediately excited about an upcoming “DROID” smartphone on Verizon. There could still be a phone coming, but many believe this activation of the account was only to hype a new game by Verizon, and now we have it.

So far we’re seeing a lot about DROID Combat, which is rumored to be an upcoming smartphone from Verizon and Casio that is durable and rugged. At the same time a few are hinting at the idea that this is nothing more than a new Augmented Reality game from Verizon Wireless. Now that we’ve found both the game D:COM (DROID Combat) and the video you see below, it’s safe to say this is only a game, and no new phone is coming.

Verizon has the HTC One coming soon, and we’re all praying they also offer an updated DROID DNA announced today by HTC as the Butterfly S. While we wait for a potential announcement of the Moto X, and any real high end phone from Verizon this year for that matter, we can enjoy a nice little location based multiplayer augmented reality game. It’s called D:COM, and here’s the trailer.

At the end you’ll be instructed to call **DROID to get started with the new game, which doesn’t appear to work. It’s either not available in your country, or not supported on any of my devices, and I have every DROID phone released in the past 3 years. Now as of writing this the URL appears to have been pulled from Google Play. Earlier today we could see the download page, but it didn’t work. Now it’s completely gone.

D:COM is a located based augmented reality game. You can play the campaign, have multiplayer fun with your friends, and use the AR aspect to find packages and weapons around town. It doesn’t look to be officially ready yet, but we have the game available as we speak thanks to our good friend @WinDroidGuy on Twitter. Interestingly enough the video above mentions “90 days to domination” so possibly in 90 days (from whenever the game actually gets announced) we’ll see the newest DROID. That lines up nicely for a possible release of the Moto X, just a thought.

Get the DROID Combat game below and give it a try. We’ll update if we learn more from @DroidLanding or Verizon Wireless. That was depressing, we were hoping for a new smartphone.

D:COM game download
— Thanks WinDroidGuy