Motorola’s DROID X is getting on, but it seems the replacement Motorola DROID X2 may not be a huge improvement. An SCK Kiosks (a subsidiary of Radio Shack) tipster has sent in a screenshot from the company’s internal systems that tips the DROID X2 as merely a DROID X with a 2GB pre-loaded memory card rather than a 16GB card.

According to the leak, the DROID X2 is more of a shorthand to differentiate the models in the system, rather than a truly new version. It will be priced the same as the original, and there’s no talk of the Tegra 2 processor and other specs in the last leak.

Motorola may have boosted internal storage to counter the smaller memory card, but it seems that this is merely a cheaper way to ship the original DROID X now that the smartphone is ageing.

[Thanks anonymous tipster!]