It’s always entertaining when those on the web stalk the FCC and the patent office for sneak peaks as to what gadgets are coming. But often, there’s some useful intel that comes as a result. The latest listing on the FCCs website that the Droid X2 may be coming is a case in point. The listing, which has a 180 day confidentiality letter, included tells of a Motorola CDMA phone that handles EVDO, BLuetooth, and wireless bands b-n. Since it’s CDMA and Motorola, that usually points to Verizon’s way, but is it really the Droid X2 that everyone is talking about? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Droid X2 is rumored to have a dual core 1ghz Tegra 2 processor, a smaller QHD LCD display, and just one 8MP rear facing camera. So video chat via Skype is out for it. Even sadder is that it will be 3G only and is currently listed to be stuck with Android 2.2 Froyo. So, it’s 3G only and you can’t do video chat? Then it would seem to me that the dual core is a bit of overkill for what is obviously meant to be a a more budget minded smartphone.

There’s also the notion of the attached 6 month confidentiality letter, meaning that it won’t be out until the late fall, how does that jibe with what we reported last month about Amazon clearing out their Droid X stocks by offering them for $19.99? Stay tuned as the story develops.

[via Droid Life]