Yesterday was the opening of Verizon’s new LTE Innovation center and some goodies were found inside. LaptopMag got a look at a handsome new video chat app working on a pair of HTC Thunderbolts. The app, called VoLTE in the video, uses 4G LTE, rather than limiting you to WiFi as some video chats do.

Verizon’s Innovation Center in Massachusetts was created to show off and encourage awesome uses for its LTE network. The first example we have is this new video chat app. While we have lots of other video chat apps now, this one is showing some promise.


The video looks really stable for mobile. I’ve only used Google Talk myself, and its not the smoothest video chat there is. The possible downside though is that if it ends up being a Verizon exclusive app, you would be limited in who you could call, while being able to call others easily is the strongest point of apps like Google Talk and Skype. Good to see some good old fashioned innovation though. Lets hope there’s more in store!