We’re amongst the chosen elite superstar press to be invited to an event that’ll be taking place on July 12, 2011 at a location to be announced. This location will have a building made by Verizon to act as its LTE Innovation Center. Behold! Says they, this is the future of connectedness, and we’ve got a building to contain it all! Will this place hold secrets of unfortold wonder, will it have devices that we’ve never dreamed of before? Will they be serving punch and pie? Only way we can find out is to go, yes? Let’s do it!

Look at that lovely rendered building in white and red and black, and notice actually that it’s not quite an undisclosed location, it’s in Waltham Massachusetts. Any of you folks live out there in Mass and have a lead on what the building looks like? Send us a photo! Do you live next to this upcoming Innovation Center and can you see in the windows and have a lead on the Nexus S and have a really nice camera to send us exclusive photos with? By all means, contact us!

Until then we’ll just have to wait and see what’s inside this building besides the dreams and hopes of a thousand professional analyzers and their offspring. Will we see how fast we’ll eventually be able to go?