Verizon has just confirmed what we all basically already knew. That their version of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S III will be available starting July 10th both online and in-stores nationwide. Users will be able to enjoy their fast 4G LTE services across the country with a new Galaxy S III.

Verizon originally started pre-orders early June just like many other carriers, and later we started seeing ship date confirmations stating July 9th. Then pre-order ship dates slipped to the 10th, and last week the 11th. Just like T-Mobile and AT&T who had to delay and filter their launch dates, Verizon was preparing for the extra demand — but it appears that wasn’t needed. Verizon does state however that the 32GB model is only available online for the time being, and not in stores.

It looks like online and local stores will have the Galaxy S III in stock and available come July 10th, and those who pre-ordered will probably get theirs come the same day. Even if previous pre-order confirmations stated the 11th it looks like Samsung has stopped the bleeding with the overly high demand and has enough to cover this initial push. We have a feeling Verizon stores will still be selling out, so you’ll want to get down there quick if interested.

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