We all know it’s coming, but it is when and for how much we are still waiting on. Today after leaving everyone hanging it appears that Verizon Wireless has officially confirmed the Samsung GALAXY S 4 will be coming to Verizon, and coming in May. We’ve seen a few leaks claiming a late May launch, and now all we need is the exact day and a pre-order page.

Ever since Samsung announced the GALAXY S 4 we’ve received information from most carriers. Earlier this week AT&T and T-Mobile confirmed pre-order dates, pricing, and more, and Verizon was completely silent. Today Verizon took to Twitter to confirm the flagship device is coming, but we still don’t really know anything of importance.

The image above is all they had to say. Simply stating that the smartphone would be arriving in May, but leaves us all hanging by saying more details will be coming soon. How soon is the question. Today Verizon sent out “special announcement” invites for May 22nd at CTIA, but we have a feeling they’ll announce the release date sooner than that.

Earlier this month a leaked document hit the web from Staples, claiming that Verizon would be last to the bandwagon and won’t be releasing the GALAXY S 4 until May 30th. Almost a full month after AT&T. For now that’s just a rumor, but hopefully Big Red gives us an official date soon. Stay tuned and in the meantime check out our Galaxy S 4 hands-on coverage.

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