When Verizon announced their version of the popular Galaxy Note II flagship smartphone last year, many were angry and upset to see they plastered their checkmark logo right on the home button. For whatever reason they felt the need to put it there, and all over the back of the device, and as expected many users weren’t too pleased. Well, the Galaxy Note 3 has escaped this issue, and it didn’t get the same brutal treatment.

This week the folks from Best Buy put up the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for pre-order from multiple US carriers, even though they won’t be shipping until October 1st and 2nd in most cases, and we’re getting an official look at Verizon’s model.

Thankfully the front is 100% clear of any logo or branding, which we can’t say the same about for the LG G2. Who got defaced with their logo on the top corner, not to mention all over the back. Most carriers these days keep the phones clean and clear, but Verizon continues to do the same. Thankfully the Galaxy Note 3 won’t have that issue, and the only branding is what you see below.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 2.45.44 PM

Doesn’t that fake leather, pleather, or whatever you want to call it just look gorgeous? We actually like the look, even if it has Verizon plastered on it twice. Which was pretty much expected this time around. So now that this is out of the way, who’s buying the Galaxy Note 3 on Verizon?

VIA: Droid-Life