Verizon recently introduced a new international plan that will benefit the jetsetters and frequent travellers. Verizon calls it the ‘Travel Pass’ that promises to make connection to your loved ones simpler and more affordable even when abroad. The plan allows you to use your domestic Talk, Text and Data allowances to be used outside the country. It’s the latest plan-related news from Verizon that follows the $20 increase on grandfathered unlimited data plan users.

TravelPass is said to be better than other international plans from other mobile carriers as everything is deducted from a person’s current allowance whether data, minutes, or texts. You won’t be slapped with roaming charges on top of your bill. This plan comes with NO data restrictions nor hidden fees.

How does this work? It’s simple. Customer will be charged a fixed rate daily. It will be $2 if you are from the United States travelling to Canada or Mexico. In other countries, daily rate will be $10 per line. The carrier said you will only be charged on specific days you use your phone abroad.

Feel free to enjoy TravelPass from Verizon. If you’re going outside of the US anytime soon, you may sign up at You can also activate your account on the MyVerizon app before you travel. Service will automatically be activated as you land at your destination.

Some countries where TravelPass can be used include Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, and Rome. (View complete list of TravelPass countries here)

SOURCE: Verizon