We are starting to see a bit more in terms of using an Android handset in the workplace. While the Android adoption may take some time, we are currently seeing apps that will help to keep your work and personal data seperate. The latest in this bunch has arrived by way of VMware. The app is called WMware Horizon Mobile and the app has been announced for Verizon Wireless users.

Specifically, the WMware Horizon Mobile app will be available for Verizon users provided they are carrying an LG Intuition or Motorola RAZR M smartphone. At present the app is only supported on these two handsets, however there was a mention of additional device support arriving “throughout the year.” More important for now, WMware Horizon Mobile will create what is being referred to as a “virtualized operating system” on your device.


In simpler terms, this app will allow the user to keep their work and personal profiles seperate. Additionally, the work profile will be controlled and managed by your IT department. This IT department managed section will have its own virtualized operating system as well as its own applications and policies. The key here though, security.

“Having a virtual workspace available on smartphones using the VMware Horizon platform gives us an unobtrusive way to more securely offer applications to mobile care givers and maintain control of the data while minimizing worry about potential data breaches,” said Edward Ricks, chief information officer, Beaufort Memorial Hospital. “This dual persona approach gives us full control over our data on personally owned or corporate-owned mobile devices without requiring us to unnecessarily manage the entire device.”

Sticking with the topic of security. The app is said to have “enterprise-grade security for Android” and in addition to simply keeping the work and personal data separate, the app will also encrypt the work side. All that being said, the VMware Horizon Mobile app brings a licensing fee which starts at $125 per user. Those looking to get setup will able to do so through Verizon Wireless as well as with a VWware reseller.

Otherwise, looking at some of the similar solutions and we have the recently updated BlackBerry Secure Work Space and Samsung KNOX. Both of these items have support for Android handsets and they are similar to the VMware offering in that they keep the work and personal data seperate with the work place data being encrypted.

SOURCE: MarketWire