The 4G war is officially upon us. It’s time for carriers to claim they’re the best in any way they can. We saw Sprint declare they are the only “True” 4G, and now Verizon is airing a commercial claiming they’ll have the “most advanced 4G network in the world.”

Coming in December, we know the Verizon LTE network is going to be very fast and will be pretty expansive once it’s finished rolling out. However, we have yet to officially hear of any devices that may be coming to the carrier that will utilize such speeds. We were told to expect quite a few devices at this years CES in January so it may be as late as next year that we actually have 4G phones on the carrier.

As with all things Verizon we are left in the dark with expected dates, but with an ad campaign already in place, we can’t expect to wait too much longer for actual devices.


[Via Verizon Wireless]



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