If you are one of the many still waiting for Verizon 4G LTE to get flipped on in your area then tomorrow might be your lucky day. Verizon announced 20 new markets last month and 14 coming in November. Tomorrow, November 17th Verizon 4G LTE will be live for another huge list of subscribers, hopefully you’re all one of them.

This is more a PSA than anything because I’m sure not everyone is keeping close tabs on the market updates like we all are here at Android Community. Not only are 14 new locations getting the upgrade but an additional 4 are expanding for better and faster coverage as well. Big Red is wasting no time with the rollout and continues to be the biggest and fastest 4G carrier. Here’s the list of new markets starting tomorrow:

–Little Rock, AR
–Savannah, GA
–Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, IA
–Lexington, KY
–Starkville, MS
–Kansas City and Springfield/Branson, MO
–Lincoln, NE
–Orange County, NY
–Greater Providence, RI
–Rapid City, SD
–Roanoke, VA
–Appleton and Oshkosh, WI


–Louisville, KY
–Grand Rapids, MI
–Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
–Pittsburgh, PA

Last month Verizon exceeded their 4G rollout goal of 185 million by years end and now they are quickly approaching and will pass 200 million for 2011. That is a strong statement and something AT&T and T-Mobile can’t say. T-Mobile launched a few new 4G HSPA+ markets today, if that interests you and claim to cover 180 million American’s with their coverage too.

Who you decide will power your calls and supply you with data for all those Android apps is up to you, I just thought we’d share the news.


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