Velocity Micro, like so many smaller manufacturers at the moment, is preparing at least two new Ice Cream Sandwich tablets for 2012. The company invited us to check out its latest wares at CES, and while the the Cruz T510 and Cruz T507 weren’t ready for public display, we did manage to get some interesting information out of a VM product manager. The company is currently preparing Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades for its current Android tablets, the first 10 and 7-inch Cruz models.

There wasn’t a promise or assurance of an upgrade – They’re investigating the hardware validity of the five current models, and the lowest ones aren’t likely to make the cut. But based on what we saw of the new versions, they’ve got a good grasp on Android at this point, and should at least be able to upgrade the Cruz T410 and T408. With Ice Cream Sandwich’s source code available and retail models being prepared by the larger Android OEMs, it should be a simple enough task to make an update available.

Velocity Micro is still aiming for the low end, and its more pedestrian hardware is not yet certified by Google – for the moment, they’re using the Amazon Appstore as a substitute for the Android Market. The company is aiming for sub-$200 prices going forward, a popular price point indeed – if they can establish themselves as a manufacturer that provides timely and stable updates, they could easily gain a following among budget-conscious Android enthusiasts who are tired of waiting for official upgrades.