I bet that the thing that most tablet users with a Honeycomb rig like the least is that there aren’t that many apps made specifically for Honeycomb right now. A new choice in the app realm has landed with a new version of its Android app called Ustream. The new version is Honeycomb native and looks made for the new OS with all the new features.

The app will let users watch live and archive content on their tablet and you can upload live from your tablet too. The app also has social aspects integrated to allow users to comment on real-time streamed content. The same features are also supported on smaller screen smartphones.

It’s cool to see an app that is not just passable when scaled up for Honeycomb users, but meant to be used on Honeycomb and happens to work on other devices too. You can download the app right now on the Android Market.

[via TechCrunch]