This news seemed to come and go way back when it was first announced, but the Google-Motorola deal may finally see its end in the coming week(s). Slated for February 13th, the US Justice Department is set to approve the deal, but it seems some US and European antitrust enforcers are still worried Google could attempt licensing current (and future) Motorola patents to other companies on unfair terms. But isn’t that what Google just spent $12.5 billion to do? Not necessarily practice unfairly – but run their new company the way the see fit?

If you technology isn’t patented, then you’ve got no chance playing this game – and Google has know this from the start. Countless lawsuits between every manufacturer commence night and day, so there’s no wonder why Google would invest in many of the valuable patents Motorola has to offer. If these enforcers wish to see more discreet licensing practices – then it should be expected not just from Google, but everyone else as well.

This is Google’s time to shine. Even though they’ve stated Motorola Mobility will remain completely separate from Google, there’s no doubt much more in store for Android once the purchase is complete. We’ll have to wait and see. And I don’t know about you guys, but a ‘Nexus’ device touting one of Motorola’s amazing antennas would win me over in a second.

[via TalkAndroid]


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