In case anyone missed it, Google recently purchased Motorola Mobility for a whopping $12.5 billion. Obviously the acquisition hasn’t been finalized yet and will need to go through a vigorous process before anything is official. Just like the AT&T T-Mobile merger these things take time — and don’t always work out. According to Reuters the EU Commission will decide their fate on February 13th after it was initially pushed back from the original date in January.

Google is trying to take complete ownership of the US company Motorola and offered up a pretty large sum of money — to the tune of 12.5 billion dollars. The acquisition was originally slated to be seen by the EU on January 10th but was suspended by the executives while pending some paperwork and more information from Google. Now that everything is in line and ready, the ball should start moving. This isn’t without some hurdles though as Google and Motorola have seen lawsuits from shareholders regarding the deal — after initially having them on board before making the official announcement.

Many believe a large part of the deal is for Google to acquire the vast set of patents owned by Motorola Mobility to help protect themselves, and the Android ecosystem as a whole. February 13th is the day this will all be decided — and will be an important date for the world of Android, and both parties involved. Obviously there are many variables here and this could very well get drawn out longer just like the recent AT&T deal did, but we won’t know until the 13th rolls around.

It’s also important to note that US anti-trust regulators are also looking into the merger and will report their finding soon most likely, and that could also play a large role on this deal.

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