slingshot android app

The Facebook-owned Slingshot photo-sharing app went international back in June and now we’ve some good news that a new version has just been released. Slingshot 2.0 wants people to share life as it happens, sharing real and raw moments with family and friends right away.

The Slingshot developers didn’t add much to the app but rather removed some clutter. They believe that enhancing a product is about deleting what is unnecessary and leaving only what is important. The new Slingshot is said to be cleaner, simpler, and of course, more fun.

The updated Slingshot app now allows two taps on the screen to share looping videos and fullscreen photos. Five new photo filters have been added too. Drawings and captions are also included so you can add a special message.

You’ll be able to see the latest photos from the people you follow in Slingshot. Shots are displayed for 24 hours and then deleted. The tab has been redesigned too. It’s now swipeable so moving between photos, people, and the cam is easier.

You can now reply to a Slingshot post with a private photo or video reaction—which you can also draw on, filter, and add caption on. Of course, you can preview these reactions before sending them.

With Slingshot,you can keep in touch with friends and follow some of the coolest creators from around the world. Instant notifications can be activated if you want to be notified whenever a contact posts something new. And as with any other photo-sharing and social app, you can also share your shots out to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Download Slingshot from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Slingshot