Just a week after Facebook launched its photo-sharing app and platform called Slingshot, they’ve announced that they are already making it available internationally. Initially, it was only available in the US Google Play Store, but now smartphone users anywhere in the world can now sling their photos at one another to their hearts’ content.

If you haven’t already been taken in by this new product from Facebook, their answer to the ephemeral photo-sharing juggernaut that was Snapchat, here is the basic premise of the app. You send a picture, be it a personal photo, a meme, a drawing or a mash-up, to a friend or several friends. They’re calling it “slinging a shot” because, you know, sending a picture is much too mainstream. But before they can view your “sling”, they have to sling a photo back to you.

This is a (hopefully) cute twist on the normal photo-sharing apps we’re used to. It allows a whole visual conversation to happen between you and your friends on the app. As the developers said, this is a place “where everybody is a creator and nobody is just a spectator”. They have not yet released data on how many users have already downloaded the app or how many photos have been exchanged. What they said is that they were inundated with requests from international users who wanted to try the app for themselves, that is why they decided to make it available worldwide.


Slingshot is available for Android devices running on Jelly Bean or KitKat. It doesn’t require you to have a Facebook account, but it will ask you if you want to link your app to your account. It also asks if you would allow them to access your contact lists to see who else among your Facebook friends are already on the app.

Download Slingshot on the Google Play Store.