Sending money to people is easier compared to before, thanks to the Internet and the advancements in mobile technology. We’ve been raving about the latest mobile payment services available–Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Those three are direct competitors although they each have their own market. Google and Samsung are closer rivals but they will soon be joined by the likes of LG Pay.

While these services here are for making purchases, there’s still a need for more convenient ways on how to send money to family or friends. It could also be employers to employees or just about anyone who can send some financial assistance to another person. We’re thinking more like parents to their children or adult children to their parents. Of course, it isn’t just all about money transfer but something that could also send mobile payments to any retailer, store, or restaurant.

We have many choices in the United States and in some Asian countries (read: South Korea and Japan) but little is known in South Africa. Good thing there’s Tencent, a Chinese Internet company, who introduced the WeChat Wallet as part of the WeChat mobile app. It’s an e-wallet feature within the mobile messenger app that allows people to send and receive money. You are free to save informafion of up to three VISA or Mastercsrd debit and credit cards to use for sending mobile payments. Money in your WeChat Wallet can also be used to Cash In and pay for any items or services on merchants that accept the service.

If you’re a frequent user of WeChat, you can take advantage of this service. Tencent partnered with big groups in the region including retailers Cambridge Food Stores, SPAR, and SPAR Tops, and of course, Standard Bank. Tencent recently announced overseas transactions for mobile payments so this development isn’t really a big surprise.

It seems that mobile payment is more than just a trend for Tencent. Why, the company said they already have 200 million mobile payment users and the number is rising in South Africa even with competitors like GeoPay, Zapper, FlickPay, and SnapScan. The biggest names in the game aren’t available so these small ones are being used.

It’s so easy to send money. Just enter the amount within a conversation and then send. Your WeChat Wallet can replace your physical wallet when you’re out with friends. Just make sure you have your smartphone with you if you’re not bringing any cash. And yeah, maybe a full battery and mobile Internet connection too. Otherwise, you’ll end up washing the dishes for not being able to pay.

Shared below are promo videos part of WeChat’s marketing campaign:

VIA: VentureBeat


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