One of the more persistent rumors about the upcoming new flagship from Samsung is that it will have an always-on option. This supposed feature of the Galaxy S7 (or whatever the name will be) got even stronger when the OEM filed a patent for an always-on display just last week (although why they would leave it so late, no one knows). Now one of the “royal readers” one an online news site partly confirms this rumor and it may not even be hardware based but rather through an app.

The tipster said that in Samsung’s Theme Store after you’ve upgraded to Marshmallow, there is a theme called “Cuzko” which has something like an always-on display. The background is black and the details and notification are in white. The theme may be a misspelling and they may be referring to Kuzko from Emperor’s New Groove, which would make the llama unboxing video not something randomly surreal but actually deliberately weird. Oh and the llama in the video is also referred to as Kuzko.


But again, that is still no proof that this is confirmation of this new feature. But if it is a theme-based feature, then that means that since it is not hardware dependent, then other older models might be able to get this always-on thing through the app itself. That should be good news for those who want to have this feature but have no plans of upgrading their phone yet.

The launch of #TheNextGalaxy is just a few days away so all will be revealed by then of course. It’s been a treat to play the “guess which rumor/leak is true” game but all that fun will be over soon, so let’s wait and see.

VIA: SAM Mobile