Here in the US we get the Droid line of smartphones, but over in the UK Motorola offered the same phone as the Milestone. Android fans of the Droid in the US and other places will be able to get the Droid 3 smartphone that turned up in the leaked how-to videos earlier this month at some point. If you are a UK fans of the milestone line that was hoping to see the Milestone 3 as it would be called in your neck of the woods bad news has landed.

It seems that the Milestone 3 will not be coming to the UK. Why exactly it’s not going to be offered is unknown and Motorola could always change its mind and toss the handset out anyway. There is no official reason offered for the device not making it across the pond. There is a chance that the Milestone 2 just didn’t sell well enough for Motorola to bother with a UK launch for the third version. As Clove points out the HTC Desire Z was also discontinued this week.

It may be that Android fans in the UK just don’t like the slider form factor. If you are in the States, we know some of the details on the Droid 3 already so fans in the UK know what they won’t be getting. The Droid 3 is said to pack in a dual-core processor, 4-inch qHD screen, and a 8MP camera with 1080p support. It also has HDMI out and a USB port.

[via Clove]


  1. The milestone 2 wasn’t on contract in the uk but should have been as it’s a good phone. It’s only let down is it’s not enough of a upgrade from the first milestone.
    I have the milestone 2 and love it but my next phone will be the samsung galaxy SII because I want a phone with out compromises.

    The milestone 3 has plenty of compromises so maybe the uk market is less forgiving.

  2. 512MB of RAM is killing it, its just not enough, and all Milestone users know that. The lack of H+, Pentile Display, possible 2.2 on launch, locked bootloader and blur do not help also. 

    Come on Motorola, give us something fresh! The keyboard seems improved and I love Moto build/quality, but we also need 1GB of RAM to better support ICS and future versions of Android. An unlocked BL with vanilla android is also always welcomed. Any phone with that today will be an instant success. There are no high end keyboard phones and we need them. Maybe the Milestone 4…

  3. What a stupid decision! I’m in the UK and have been waiting for the SE Xperia Pro for months. I will NOT buy a phone WITHOUT a slide-out keyboard. Motorola should release this as some competition in case the Xperia Pro turns out to be rubbish!


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