Facebook Messenger has proven to be one of the easiest, fastest, and most reliable instant messaging apps today. Some people use it to quickly share photos and exchange messages because it really is faster. Believer it or not, there are still people who are always on Facebook and use the Messenger to communicate with family, friends, and for some brands, their loyal followers. Personally, I like this because I can see if a person ‘seen’ my message.

Nothing is certain yet but there’s a rumor that Facebook may bring ads to Messenger by next quarter. That’s not exactly a pleasant news because ads are annoying. Well, that’s for the consumers and ordinary Facebook users but for Internet marketers and brands who are active in social media, it can be beneficial to them.

TechCrunch shared this information and said they got it from a private source. Ads will be sent as messages not to everyone but only to people who previously sent a private message to a Facebook Page of a company, brand, or public figure. The idea is that these businesses should get the consumers to send them a message.┬áThere’s also information of a URL short link–fb.com/msg–that would open a chat thread instantly. That one has been confirmed by Facebook already although with limited details.

Facebook sure knows how to help businesses and make more money but from the point of view of the consumers, Messenger ads can be a nuisance. Who needs to see more ads when your News Feed is already full of sponsored posts and photos? Then again we know that if Facebook launches the private ads, there will certainly be a way opt out of it or turn off the feature.

We also know that there are people who may prefer such because it would be easier for them to be informed of what’s new from their favorite brands. We’re thinking quick ads or alerts of promos and discounts or reminders of special events and secret sales.

Let’s wait and see if and when Facebook will launch such Messenger ads. We can’t give a ‘Reaction‘ or thumb up yet so we’re crossing our fingers.