If you’re still on Facebook, you’re probably used to seeing those hearts and faces other than the famous ‘Like’ hand. The button is now accompanied by five other emoticons Zuckerberg calls ‘Reactions’. It is a set of round symbols that are extensions of the Like button. After years of being the sole button on your News Feed, you can now express your like, love, amusement, excitement, sadness, or anger. You see, not everything that’s posted on your your feed is “likeable”. Truth is, most of them are so not worthy of your precious newsfeed space and are actually reasons why that ‘unfollow’ button is equally famous and useful. The Reactions give you a new way to share your own reaction to any post.

Not many people are seeing this feature. The buttons were first tested out in Ireland and Spain in October and slowly rolled out in other countries but still on beta. Before January ended, we noted that Facebook was already finalizing those five other emoji alternatives. True enough, Facebook Reactions is now available officially and globally.

Finally, you can show your excitement over a friend’s engagement or pregnancy. The Like buttons seems to be not enough. And on that viral video that’s been showing on your feed that’s really annoying, react with the Anger button.

facebook reactions

If you don’t see the emoticons below, that’s because you need to hold down the Like button first for them to appear. Press the Like button for about two seconds and you’ll see these round emoticons appear.

Hover then choose the reaction image you want: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry.

Facebook reactions

Facebook claims this feature is a product of a year-long research and development. It’s not just a new set of emoticons. The top social network surveyed what reactions people would most likely and want to use. Feedback to the new feature has been positive so now it’s finally available to everyone who is on Facebook whether mobile or on the web version.

For this particular good news, here are six ‘likes’ and six hearts.

Facebook reactions global launch 2

Now, if only Facebook can allow more than just one reaction on a single post but no, that would be too complicated. It would probably receive a lot those ‘Angry’ emoticon.

SOURCE: Facebook