Ubisoft has two games planned for Android before the year ends and one of them has yet to land in players’ hands. But fans of the wacky limbless character need not fret as Rayman Fiesta Run will soon be coming to Android early November.

Last month, we talked about Ubisoft’s Fall catalog for Android, comprised of a sequel to the hit side-scrolling Rayman running games, as well as a new title coming to Android also from the same Rayman universe. The insane antics of the obviously deranged lapines have finally crashed into Google Play Store early this week in the new Rabbids Bang Bang game.

All that’s left now, then, is to wait for Rayman’s latest crazy adventure that will take our protagonist across wildly colorful maps, giant-sized cookies, and, of course, monsters. Rayman Fiesta Run is scheduled to hit Google Play Store on November 7. This sequel to the popular Rayman Jungle Run, however, was not made by the same developer team but hopefully won’t fail to also impress. Ubisoft has released a developer diary video to give gamers a sneak peek at what’s in store for them.

Rayman Fiesta Run is expected to carry a price tag of $2.99 at launch. Rabbids Big Bang, on the other hand, costs $0.99 and can already be bought from Google Play Store via the link below.

Download: Rabbids Big Bang on Google Play Store
VIA: DroidGamers