You want to travel, but you don’t want to take a bunch of wall chargers and battery packs with you. do you need a battery pack, or a charger? How long will you be gone? Those questions have now become moot, as TYLT introduces their new Energi 2K Smart Travel Charger.

The device works by acting as both a wall charger for your device, or battery pack when you’re on the go. Prongs fold out of the rear, and a USB port on the bottom leaves it usable for any device. TYLT’s smart LED system is also neat, letting you know just how much battery life you have left.

We’ve been using this one ofr afew days, and we have to say — we’re impressed. It’s a touch larger than we’d have liked, but it keeps us running all day. We like that you can take a single pack with you, and use your phone as much as you like.

TYLT back-M

Charging time was swift, too. When we ran both down, TYLT’s Energi 2K Smart Travel Charger did the right thing. Via a smart method for charging, the device will charge your phone ahead of the pack, so in a pinch you’re getting what you need. When out and about, the pack charges devices quickly, and charges itself rather fast as well.

TYLT has just wrapped up a successful Kickstarter for this one, but you’ll be able to get it soon via their site. We’ve reveiwed all of TYLT’s chargers, and this might be our favorite. It’s not the biggest, but it might be the most versatile.