TYLT, maker of popular, stylish battery packs is at it again. This time, they’re bringing a charger that can be used for everyday purposes. As a combo wall charger/battery pack, the new TYLT Energy 2K might not be one you’ll want to skip over.

The 2,200mAh battery pack functions nicely as a small battery pack, and has a neat indicator light that changes color depending on the battery charge level. You’ll always get a good idea of how much you can charge your device; and when you need to charge the pack, you’ll know that, too.

The battery pack has fold-out prongs that charge both your battery pack and mobile device. A universal USB port allows for any device to be used with it, and the 5V=1A output is safe for just about any device. Advanced pass-through charging will charge your device first, then the battery pack if needed.

For most phones, this will essentially double your battery life, which is great. A touch larger than a modern wall charger for your smartphone, the TYLT Energy 2K holds sway as the only one that is also a battery pack, and could be the only charger you need to take on vacations or day trips. Currently funding on Kickstarter, TYLT is set to fulfill the first round of orders in July. For as little as $20, you could get your hands on one of the better wall chargers or battery packs we’ve seen in a while.

Source: Kickstarter