We know that LG has at least one new Android phone slated for release soon, namely the X3, likely to be shown off at Mobile World Congress later this month. That device and one more are probably the source of a pair of certification filings in the Universal Plug and Play database, a set of standards for wired and wireless networking. The phones in question are the “LG-P880” and the “LG-P700“. The former is of the most interest to spec hounds, and it probably the model number for the X3.

There’s not a lot of information on either phone available, but a few nuggets can be found. Digging around in the GSM filing for the P880 reveals a resolution of 1280x720p (the current standard for Lg’s flagship phones like the Optimus LTE, Nitro HD and Spectrum) and the P700 has a 640×480 resolution found mostly in second-generation Android phones. Oddly, the P700 is listed as an “ICS SmartPhone”, not the P880. This is a long way from confirmation of anything, but since most of LG’s smartphones run Android at the moment, it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll see these two eventually.

Previous leaks of the LG X3 indicate a quad-core Tegra 3 phone with a 4.7-inch 720p display, more or less going head-to-head with the (also rumored) HTC Edge. The visual design evokes LG’s latest Prada phone – a very good thing. Keep in mind that all of this is so much speculation before the big show in Barcelona. Just about everybody – with the notable exception of Samsung – will be bringing their A game.

[via Pocket Droid]


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