New stuff for phones and such! New stuff to add to your stuff! In particular you’ll want to pay attention to… myTouch4G PowerSkin giving some extra padding around the sides and TWICE your battery power for a total of $69.99. And for the Galaxy Tab, LOTS of items apparently flowing in to T-Mobile stores including a lovely dock for the cool price of $49.99. Both (and all) of these accessories are available NOW at your local T-Mobile outlet. (The big pink and white building next to the video store, you know the one.)

So tell me – are you the sort of person who accessorizes? As it turns out, I myself end up going either way. For devices that cost me under $100, I usually let them float around in the nude. For anything more expensive than that, I’m gonna go ahead and get a case of some sort at least to keep it protected from the keys in my pocket. You?

[Via TmoNews]



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