The new crop of ultra-cheap reader tablets have nothing on the Ubislate/Aakash, Datawind’s dirt-cheap tablet for the Indian educational market. In addition to the slightly updated Ubislate 7+, the Ubislate 7C will soon grace shelves and schoolrooms on the subcontinent. The only difference between the two is that the 7+ uses a resistive touchscreen while the 7C uses a more modern capacitive model – the same kind that’s installed on pretty much every smartphone and tablet out there.

Both tablets get a 7-inch, 800×480 screen, an 800mhz single-core processor, 256MB of RAM and Android 2.2 Froyo. The retail versions of the tablet bring the price up to the Indian equivalent of about $75 – still a pretty good deal if all you want is a slate device for some (very) basic web surfing and media. The Ubislate comes standard with a 2.5G wireless connection on top of WiFi, but users can add 3G with a dongle accessory.

The Ubislate/Aakash has garnered a lot of international attention, though admittedly nearly all of it is from the price. With government subsidies, Indian students can purchase one of the small tablets for just $35, and the popularity has exploded. Future models will reportedly even get Android 4.0 – which is more than we can say for a lot of smartphones and tablets around these parts.

[via TheMobileIndian]