The Indian tablet market has its own product to set the world on Fire: the Aakash, a 7-inch, resistive screen tablet that runs Froyo. It can’t do much, but many aparently think it’s just enough: the tablet sells for the local equivalent of $35 to students and teachers. The original has reportedly sold over a million units. Now there’s a slightly improved commercial version available, going by the name “Ubislate 7+” (though the original device had so many codenames and monikers that it might not be the final or only one). The new model gets a modest bump in specs and runs Gingerbread as well.

With a new Cortex 8 700mhz CPU, the Ubislate 7+ should be noticeably zippier than its predecessor. That’s almost exactly twice as fast as the original Aakash, though of course it doesn’t hold a candle to recent mid-range or high-end tablets elsewhere. The battery gets a bump from 2100mAh to 3200mAh, so it should last considerably longer than the original. And that’s it: the rest of the tablet’s specs, including a low-resolution screen, WiFi-only data connection. There is one major software advantage: The Ubilate 7+ will reportedly have access to the Google Android Market.

For the upgrade Indians will spend an additional 400 rupees, or about $8. Well worth it considering the upgraded processor architecture – it brings it more in line with the lowest of current-generation Android phones, roughly equal to the original G1. That might even be enough for some basic web video. Considering the insane demand for the first Aakash tablet from Datawind, expect a lot of excitement for the new model. Pre-sales are already booked through February of this year. And no, it still won’t be available outside of India.